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  1. Continuum is an expert pack if you're not aware. I think we could disable SF3 for now and load ATM3 back and update it to the latest release. What say you @Mastric?
  2. mc1.atrcraft.com = FTB Revelations v1.1.0 mc2.atrcraft.com = Skyfactory 3 v3.0.15 mc3.atrcraft.com = Vanilla Creative
  3. The_Real_1hit

    1hit Vacation

  4. It's actually Skyfactory 3 and Revelations...which no one is on, except me playing SF3 here and there when I have time
  5. @LiveWireAddict & @W1ck3d3nd definitely contributed to this win.
  6. Just messing around with the OreSpawn mod...may have taken it too far Think I now know what the lines in the config file mean
  7. Yeah, but it loses quality and I won't have the original files, unless I record to my own HD as well, which is just easier.
  8. I need to start recording the entire length and then edit or extend the record time for the instant replay option. Sent from my iPhone using ATR Gamers
  9. Normally I use the Instant Replay 5 minute capture in GeForce Experience. Then I use MovieMaker to splice together vids. Sent from my iPhone using ATR Gamers mobile app
  10. Tell me about it. Part of the problem is that I switch guns faster than they can register the reload ingame. I can hear them reload and cock ingame, but there must be a delay in PUBG. Sent from my iPhone using ATR Gamers mobile app
  11. Just glad @Infertil isn't in these...that's one ugly character he has
  12. A simple set of pictures would've sufficed for now...
  13. @trifecta00 That poor poor guy thought he had the drop on him...lol
  14. It's actually a bit of fun, just a bit of a learning curve but I like how you can fortify yourself/team "I'm Mary Poppins Y'all!"
  15. Yeah, seems like they've disabled the ability to add shift to both keybinds has been disabled...
  16. She upset that it doesn't have Agricraft or Decocraft.
  17. Yeah, Tree, Dr. Sharp and myself have played it for a few days now. The Lost Cities is interesting, kinda limited on some of the good mods, for example Ender I/O isn't part of the pack which kinda stinks. The new method of having to alternate types of food eaten in order to stay saturated is interesting (think that's part of 1.12 MC).
  18. We had the blue crew going on tonight...got a chicken dinner out of it
  19. That's terrifying if every building is accessible...all those buildings, windows, roofs....hallways, doors, corners...truly terrifying...
  20. Not a ban, just another glitch of an early release game.
  21. Gotta love winning by tossing a grenade at someone who thinks they are hiding...:D
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