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  1. Not a ban, just another glitch of an early release game.
  2. Gotta love winning by tossing a grenade at someone who thinks they are hiding...:D
  3. For a first time, that's really good. My first time, I ran over a squad mate...Luckily it wasn't and ATR member
  4. Some guidelines to follow: 1. No cheating 2. No racist/homophobic remarks 3. No disrespecting members or new players on TS Please ensure that you follow PUBG's rules for playing. https://www.playbattlegrounds.com/rulesOfConduct.pu The reason for this is to make sure that if the time comes where we can have our own server(s), we do not have players or members who are setting bad examples to newcomers and where we will not have issues being allowed access to PUBG.
  5. I love running people over in the vehicles in solo because it's an instant kill (unlike dual or squad where they just get knocked down...) This was just too funny. He stayed in my back windshield being a true meat shield.
  6. Is there a list of items available for embroidery? Might help for people who may be interested...
  7. Just a solo, dude was throwing around 10 grenades somehow at the end...
  8. Purchase a Raffle Ticket for a Chance to Win a AOC G2460PG 24" 1ms (GTG) 144 Hz Gaming Monitor Drawing will be completed shortly after all tickets are sold via random.org generator. This drawing is open to the US & Canada, if you're not in the US or Canada contact us for eligibility for your country. This is also open to all, you do not have to be a member to win!!! $5.00 US per ticket. At the time of this only 37 tickets remain. Link To Raffle
  9. ...be careful where you jump... Deep in thought.... (How am I getting out of this one...?) I did it... So if you find yourself in the hopper on a motorcycle, just reverse and then power forward, it should throw you off and out.
  10. Another two seconds and I would've been in... (see the line?)
  11. When you are so close, yet so far... WTF?
  12. A bridged spawned in Yasnaya...and a floating house and van
  13. He failed to mention that 14 of those were AFK's and two were teammates... J/K Good job man, I've only ever managed 9 kills.
  14. I'm curious if he mean that "200 active members who play PUBG"?

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