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  1. Wither massacre

    A simple set of pictures would've sufficed for now...
  2. @trifecta00 That poor poor guy thought he had the drop on him...lol
  3. Thanks Kaym, Capt, and Goose!
  4. Fortnite Battle Royal Umbrela!

    It's actually a bit of fun, just a bit of a learning curve but I like how you can fortify yourself/team "I'm Mary Poppins Y'all!"
  5. Crouch Jump

    Yeah, seems like they've disabled the ability to add shift to both keybinds has been disabled...
  6. new patch on the PTR

    Still no vaulting...
  7. All the mods 3

    She upset that it doesn't have Agricraft or Decocraft.
  8. All the mods 3

    Yeah, Tree, Dr. Sharp and myself have played it for a few days now. The Lost Cities is interesting, kinda limited on some of the good mods, for example Ender I/O isn't part of the pack which kinda stinks. The new method of having to alternate types of food eaten in order to stay saturated is interesting (think that's part of 1.12 MC).
  9. 6 man frag

    We had the blue crew going on tonight...got a chicken dinner out of it
  10. First look at the new desert map

    That's terrifying if every building is accessible...all those buildings, windows, roofs....hallways, doors, corners...truly terrifying...
  11. Apparently...I'm Dead...

    Not a ban, just another glitch of an early release game.
  12. Gotta love winning by tossing a grenade at someone who thinks they are hiding...:D
  13. First time playing

    For a first time, that's really good. My first time, I ran over a squad mate...Luckily it wasn't and ATR member
  14. Some guidelines to follow: 1. No cheating 2. No racist/homophobic remarks 3. No disrespecting members or new players on TS Please ensure that you follow PUBG's rules for playing. https://www.playbattlegrounds.com/rulesOfConduct.pu The reason for this is to make sure that if the time comes where we can have our own server(s), we do not have players or members who are setting bad examples to newcomers and where we will not have issues being allowed access to PUBG.

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