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  1. How do I change the forum text color? I can't read squat with this new template.
  2. So who's playing what games this days? I tried Player Unknown but it's too slow for me (need that constant action rush) and trying to figure out Vietnam 2 has been frustrating so I've pretty much just been playing BF4, maybe BF1 every now and then.
  3. Just picked up that game. Playing the Beta is fun, will be interesting to see the GA release.
  4. Or the Canals map? Don't see that one anymore and I thought it was a favorite.
  5. Although the new BF1 has gotten me interested again in that game I still like playing BF4. The Tuesday/Thursday BF4 nights were a blast playing with everyone the few times I've been able to attend and I think if that kind of thing were to resume we could get servers popped, get to know and attract new members. That being said I voted for reducing BF4 servers and increasing ticket counts as changing things up a little never hurts when trying to draw a crowd. Also, maybe have a CQB map with no explosives? As far as BF1 goes we do have a server but there never seems to be anyone p
  6. Almost there. Got new power supply, video card, SSD drive, re-installed windows just working on downloading.....
  7. At first I thought it was the video card because the game video would just go to black in the middle of a game but the audio was still good but now........yeah it's something like that.
  8. My gaming PC decided to take a crap so I'll be out for awhile. Still not sure just what is wrong but Windows won't even start up, even in safe mode......argh. Have fun.
  9. Awesome, sounds like a good start. Now if I could just find time to play more............
  10. Just finished playing some Conquest 32 and there was something fishing about player Urstin2k. I know some players are real good but this person was amazing for level 30. Just thinking someone needs to check this guy out. Here are his stats http://bf4stats.com/pc/Urstin2k Thanks,
  11. I pre-ordered and plan on giving it a try before "upgrading". Having only seen the one Conquest map I'm very curious as to what else they have in store. Having a few BF1 servers at the start seems reasonable. If nobody plays we can dump them.
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