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  1. CaptShank


    Common monitor, Give it to me!!!!
  2. We may have left the BF4 community as a group but I doubt we will have left Battlefield all together if EA ever decides to release a BF that is community friendly and also not built around casual play. No matter what, I hope all the friends that have been made stick around with what ATR is at it's core. It's a gaming community. I'm not going anywhere.
  3. This is def a weird transition period. Not sure how I feel about it all. Funny thing is I've been thinking about hardline when it just came out. ... miss that shit. Wish that came out over BF1.
  4. I don't think at all there will be a subscription cost.
  5. I'll be picking this game up. Looking forward to it.
  6. Will look up the game. Have you had the chance to play the beta?
  7. I'd hate for the BF4 to go completely to 0 servers. That's my take but it may be me being a baby about change. It does take the fun outta the game popping the servers when they're empty and stay empty, so I can see how it's lead to this. One or two full servers would be nice but with that said, it's just as easy to get a couple that are playing and go pub join.
  8. Looking forward to losing my stupid "Bugged" hair that got patched in a while ago. They just gave a huge chunk of the player base a shiny red haired skrillex hair cut randomly. I took it as the dev's don't give a fuck and they just trolled a shit ton of their players. Touche if that's the case but I'm about done with the first thing I'm looking for when I land is a helmet rather than a gun.
  9. You can see the dirty stares even on the lowest settings
  10. Just had my first win and so close to a second. Learned the hard way on in that game that you can't just exit out of a moving vehicle. Salty lesson to learn.
  11. Ha no. There's still many FPS's to be played!
  12. I'm down for a change. I don't think we need the amount that we have right now. BF4's community is shrinking, just what's happening. We can shrink with it.
  13. Party up at happy's Sent from my iPhone using ATR Gamers mobile app
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