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  1. Well you are hot, so you have that going for you. Are you shy when it comes to videos? errr uh Have only seen you on TS 6 times in the past month. We need to see the effort by you first to make the leap to admin. So need to see you online, in TS. Helping pop and/or seed. If we see that consistent effort, then we can look at you becoming an admin. Heh, roger. Summers are tough for gaming cuz my Kids are with me during the summer. Since Summer and Christmas are all I have with them, they get my time. Seeding was up before but I changed to Win 10 and had to work out some stuff, but it should be good now
  2. I'm down for admin if needed. I can be on during the day time hours and usually available late night (West Coast). Seeding not a problem
  3. Isn't there a secret way to get the bow on one of the maps?
  4. Hopefully I'll see you all on tonight. It's been crazy at the home front with visiting family. I want to drop a line to explain my absence a little...look forward to killing again!
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