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  1. bLiNdLuCkIeR


    Okay, all linked up.
  2. They had a firefight going on and only 1 survived. He died out of circle. Which all 3 of us were already in. We were waiting for someone to crest the hill in front of us so we could light them up but we didn't have to fire a shot.
  3. Mi_Pasta, TheWoundedSoul, Saphius. The 5 remaining players killed themselves and we won without killing any of hte final players.
  4. Mi_Pasta, Treehugger420, CaptShank (with 12 kills, including the last 6)
  5. CaptShank, ScaryBloodlust, Mi_Pasta(The_Herman)
  6. https://pubgsumo.gg/ Apparently it tracks your movement and the circle, will tell you how long it will take to run to the circle from where you are and shows loot probability. Found it via Aculite on Youtube and he says it is not a bannable addon.
  7. 00nic, Blackliaw, Little Gremlin and Blindluck
  8. TDavis, Twitchy and Kaym, me perfecting my role as bullet sponge / enemy detector
  9. TDavis, Twitchy and Kaym, me fulfilling my role as bullet sponge / enemy detector
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