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  1. bLiNdLuCkIeR


    Okay, all linked up.
  2. We have a mildly artistic server...
  3. We have been using PubG to recruit some new members as well, setup a squad of 3 and allow a random to join, then get them into TeamSpeak. Oonic has been doing a good job of organizing that.
  4. LOL, I was bored and trolling through the forums, didn't notice the date
  5. For SSDs stick with the Intel or a Samsung 840 or greater. I have a 240GB Samsung 850 and I have both BF4 and BF1 (with all of the add ons) installed and everything works just fine. I have a 2 tb secondary HDD which I use for file storage. You can remap your 'My Documents' folder to use the HDD instead of your SSD, this will save you tons of space if you have any photos or video on your machine. I have been running my SSD for 3 years without a single issue and it is now in my second pc since I got the drive.
  6. Origin is blindluckier, I play both BF4 and BF1, mostly only on during hte weekends. Send me a friend request.
  7. Up until BF1 came out I still played BF3 regularly. The only reason I am not playing it today is that I needed to uninstall something in order to download BF1. I would happily install it again (on an HDD sigh!) if we had a server running Noshar and Kharg Island. ROOF AND CRANE CAMPERS UNITE!
  8. bLiNdLuCkIeR


    I stand corrected!
  9. bLiNdLuCkIeR


    Once again I must point out that dogs do not, as a general rule, play battlefield.
  10. It's okay, we have a bunch of Canadian's in the clan so we understand your humour quite well (and no I didn't spell humour wrong =))
  11. And BOOM goes the dynamite
  12. Hey Mastric, I donated a week or so ago and I haven't received VIP, I keep getting booted. Can you help me out please?

    1. Mastric


      Buggy addons, you're account is flagged now.

  13. Defib only, everyone should have a chance to defib Spaniard!
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