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  1. From my small experience since making a comeback roughly a week ago. Specialized servers seem to be the way to go. I've been on anywhere between 11am-8pm EST and the servers that are popped just from using the browser are 24/7 Lockers, 24/7 Metro and 24/7 BF3 & BF2 Maps Only servers. Changing our servers to something specialized might make it easier to pop. A 24/7 Canals server is a good start to the experiment.
  2. Dam nice guys, when tax season ends I might give comp a shot as a sub if you guys need one. Never really tried comp play
  3. This made me laugh, but as per me between work and then gym I dont have much "free" time. Use the weekends to get chores etc done that I am not able to complete during the week. That being said, I could not make a commitment to the team right now, if I did I would just be lying to anyone involved
  4. Flashplate


    haha that happened already, relapsed back in high school, been off of it for 4-5 years now so probably wont be coming back
  5. Flashplate


    I am in TS still just not on BF4 as nearly as often as I used to be. One day the itch will come back... one day
  6. Ill try to help out on the weekends, weekdays are basically impossibru for me
  7. and here janz said hed be on between 9-11am. Sitting here with the one hitter and youre no where to be found. LIAR, dont make me send my attack eagles and turkeys to come kick your canadian ass janz!
  8. Flashplate


    Flash is still alive, mr phxer, and happy if thats what you feel is appropriate then i understand. I am just trying to enjoy my computer gaming again, got burnt out of BF4. Still that is not a reason to leave the clan unlike some gentleman hah, that was mean I partially take the jab back
  9. Flashplate


    ill leave you to deduce which one hah
  10. Flashplate


    mmm spreadsheets make me happy
  11. documented hacks... bannable offense
  12. LMAO i did not know they had an achievement named after this. i know about the leeroy jenkins ones but this hahah classic
  13. I remember seeing/hearing this for the first time, I died of laughter. Still find it hilarious, I miss vanilla. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yKqKg6DfTY
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