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  1. just trying to figure away that you and some other members can get their bow. glad to help with assignments and dog tag hunt if need be.
  2. Operative will show up after you get the first 3 assignments done, then when their done it will be; Phantom Operative: Get 200 kills with the Phantom Bow Get 50 headshots with the Phantom Bow
  3. What about bringing back the Phantom Bow Hunt - Dog Tags server for awhile, like Fri-Sat-Sun only. This mite help out to the players that don't have the bow yet. Rules NO_KILLING ALLOWED, just Dog Tag hunt set the server up that if someone is killed the player doing it gets killed automatically and if the same player does it 3-times he's kicked from server. Now I don't need this because I have the bow but I'm willing to help out so others can get theirs. Just a idea
  4. so do I but I did it, that's something we can help you out with.
  5. The only one I need is the PHANTOM OPERATIVE; Get 200 kills with the Phantom 200 Get 50 headshots with the Phantom 50
  6. welcome u all, the ole clan is finally getting back together............
  7. Welcome back 10up, good to see you found the way here. Your in my scope sights.....hehe..
  8. that's a A+++ Spaniard, no more schooling for you.
  9. Last nights was for open community for anyone to play and tonight's is for clan members only if I'm rite on this.
  10. That's the nice thing about it having the license to it for ATR only because we own it. As for ATR members we can use it and anyone else WELL lets say it could be a bad hair day if we push it. Because Skullz added some custom work to it so now its not a web item.
  11. personal issues are always more important, take care bro and see you soon.
  12. We with all the problems I had with sound issues I hope this will fix it, disabling the onboard and install this http://us.creative.com/p/bundled-offers/sound-blaster-z-t6300-gaming-pack del. date : 06-10 June 2015.
  13. I'd like to return as admin for ATR like I was at uRck if possible. Most of the time I popped in mornings until mid day, except last couple days trying to fix sound issue. Ordering new sound card and disabling onboard.
  14. Well it looks like I have to get a sound device now, theirs no sound at all in-game for BF4 or BFH don't know what happen. That's why I haven't been playing that much trying to figure out what's wrong with it. Did everything from uninstalling the sound device and reinstalling it again no sound in any games even acts up in TS sometimes you see a icon in TS on my name speaker or mic are off. Now the question is what sound card to get.
  15. When after you confirm you reserved Win10 you should get a email from Microsoft, when you do scroll down to the bottom of it and click on which Windows you have. All it's doing is finding out if you can get it or not, but you have to have Windows7 or higher to get it. I reserved mine about a month or so ago when I was at the website reading about the release of Win10 and it asked me then if I wanted to reserve it then and I did and then I get that email from them. Release date is July 29, 2015
  16. Going to try changing it from 0 to 4. It's pissing me off and I'm about to disable the aboard, already e-mailed Creative on getting a bundled deal for card Zx and speaker system. At least the card/speakers/headset would be all Creative their shouldn't be any conflict's then.
  17. worked for short time then stopped now I'm up in the air on this one.
  18. I was still having problems last night, and when I seen your PM I tried it out. Did that to both BF4/BFH set it to "0" and so far it's working in BF4. Letting the seeder work so it will go in/out of game "still works" great so far all good. Haven't tried BFH yet but if it works now in BF4 it should work OK in BFH hopefully will see soon when I try it out. If we knew this last night it would of been easier on both of us, but you know how that's goes the easiest thing is always last. THX I think we finally got it. Let you know if something goes wrong or not works. I'll keep you updated if they both work OK.
  19. if the problem is the rounds are to short, make it the best of 2 out 3 rounds.
  20. Looked in both program files & program files x86 and don't have a MSI folder, even did search for Audio Genie nothing. That's the same driver I have now installed. Control Panel (Sound) (Playback) Speakers = Realtek High Definition Audio-Default Device (Recording)Microphone = Realtek High Definition Audio-Default Device Realtek HD Audio Manager Program their set the same config. Audio Ports (6) Mic = Microphone, Line-Out = Headphones, RS/RearSurround = Speakers
  21. Ghost it's the ( MSI 970 Gaming ) board. I did uninstall MSI updater. Maybe I will have to uninstall the driver again now for the THX software were do I go for that. I'll try Driver Cleaner also. THX
  22. Since the mode just came out what about a GUN MASTER event just straight up........the one with the most kills win's it.
  23. Be careful out their and be safe, well be keeping the sniper rifle warm for ya......
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