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  1. just trying to figure away that you and some other members can get their bow. glad to help with assignments and dog tag hunt if need be.
  2. Operative will show up after you get the first 3 assignments done, then when their done it will be; Phantom Operative: Get 200 kills with the Phantom Bow Get 50 headshots with the Phantom Bow
  3. What about bringing back the Phantom Bow Hunt - Dog Tags server for awhile, like Fri-Sat-Sun only. This mite help out to the players that don't have the bow yet. Rules NO_KILLING ALLOWED, just Dog Tag hunt set the server up that if someone is killed the player doing it gets killed automatically and if the same player does it 3-times he's kicked from server. Now I don't need this because I have the bow but I'm willing to help out so others can get theirs. Just a idea
  4. so do I but I did it, that's something we can help you out with.
  5. The only one I need is the PHANTOM OPERATIVE; Get 200 kills with the Phantom 200 Get 50 headshots with the Phantom 50
  6. welcome u all, the ole clan is finally getting back together............
  7. Welcome back 10up, good to see you found the way here. Your in my scope sights.....hehe..
  8. that's a A+++ Spaniard, no more schooling for you.
  9. Last nights was for open community for anyone to play and tonight's is for clan members only if I'm rite on this.
  10. That's the nice thing about it having the license to it for ATR only because we own it. As for ATR members we can use it and anyone else WELL lets say it could be a bad hair day if we push it. Because Skullz added some custom work to it so now its not a web item.
  11. personal issues are always more important, take care bro and see you soon.
  12. We with all the problems I had with sound issues I hope this will fix it, disabling the onboard and install this http://us.creative.com/p/bundled-offers/sound-blaster-z-t6300-gaming-pack del. date : 06-10 June 2015.
  13. I'd like to return as admin for ATR like I was at uRck if possible. Most of the time I popped in mornings until mid day, except last couple days trying to fix sound issue. Ordering new sound card and disabling onboard.
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