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  1. The biggest worry now with no control over the servers is the rise in rage caused by the election, the bullying, racism, and rage talk has flooded the internet everywhere. I expect a lot of slurs that we have avoided over the years will flood all the servers. On a good note procon usually comes out about 30 days after the first release, usually a private coding group develops the consoles.


    I can use either one, for those that don't want discard to load on startup, there is a check mark on the right lower screen that you can uncheck to not load on startups, and also right click the taskbar, select the startup tab and disable discard from the startup menu and you're good to go.
  3. just to let you know chuck I couldn't play for the first day because of black screen lockups and so on till i opened origin then bf1 the properties, i then had to add this to the command line Arguments ( -noborder -r:1920x1080 ) now my game loads and i see the accept page and game loads fine
  4. hi happy thanks for the winnings as always, just add it to the server donations for me . thank you everyone at ATR !
  5. until

    sunday works, 8:00 pm easter time... 5:00 pm for me!
  6. good news, i'll need to try and make time to play not just seed!
  7. Hi everyone been off line few days and vacant for a week, had too much going on. i dropped my TA, job to have more time to study. i got 8 days behind in 2 classes and I had to get caught up. Eight days ago I had exchange servers class, and it was install day, wow i did great, had my DNS DHCP and Domain server up in minutes by then end of class friday i had got my exchange up, and backup servers created, then 2 win seven machines with outlook installed, 1st one in class, yay... helped 8 or 9 students get their machines up, took weekend off and played here at ATR. things were great! Tuesday night in class all my machines were f*!#ed up corrupted registries, odd i was the only one! took me 4 days to realise some joker use a registry hack remoted in loaded iso hack tool on vm then signed in on cmd line created admin users that destroys the registry, ass whole...Dam nearly had a nervous breakdown over this crap. I have not reported him yet no proof, well other than repeated anonymous login user saturday that did it, i found it in my logs. So spent friday evening to saturday 5:00am rebuilding vms import server os, build folders set vms, make 2 win seven pc's, 3 servers 2012sr2, make a domain dhcp,dns, server, backup data center, and restart long builded of prerequisites, windows updates, and install exchange, set up outlook mailboxes, add 30 user contacts, and backup everything so it never happens again! finished up at noon sunday. wrote three tutorials, of How to fix catastrophic failure, How to create backup server and How to back it up! Extra credit I needed it. Funny thing is in about 5 weeks from now, a test: we will all have a catastrophic failure in class and have to repair the servers, without losing customers mail and will see who can get their servers back online! Think i'll be ahead of the game. Second note I spelt coffee "mocha espresso"on keyboard friday morning unpluged it that second!... learned how to completely take apart the black widow keyboard clean 3 layers of plastic "two are senser lined" dry it and put back together and it fkin works lol.
  8. yes the gulf of oman! casp border.
  9. Stay in touch Henzo, hope to see you here and there in game.
  10. What do you think about changing the night shift hc to a small conquest instead of large, drop it to 4 flags and maybe infantry only?
  11. wow the trailers show co-op missions and tie fighter battles... just entros, they remove that? no servers will kill it fast. might as well be online play for free game.
  12. Hi everyone, i have noticed that the last update "zavod map" has been giving people a locked screen at the end of each round or a direct x error locking their pc's. I looked around till i found a fix. This is what worked for me and I hope it works for others. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=30679 this link auto downloads the repair tool! I downloaded and repair the Visual studio: vcredist_x64 "64 bit" and I did the repair, if you don't have it just install the visual studio 2012 redistributable, this is for the win 8.1 64 bit version, and part of microsoft systems, and not just a random link. Hope this helps good luck and see you on the battlefield!
  13. oh what will you do, if it hits 140... you may explode!
  14. i've ran across this guy too. last 2 days, alway knows where you're at and pre shoots but, his stats are so low that it seemed luck at the time plus my internet was screwy, when i check him all the guns were ok at the time, all i could do is wait a few days and check him again, needed more proof. your vidio streem shows the crazy stuff that i had not seen though fly torchs... think he needs a ban ! magic kills at 1.46 on the video http://www.twitch.tv/thejellywarrior/v/12169269 lot more and very long streem. thank you jelly for the extra information
  15. Great time last night! It looked like phxman was killing it till captain and i roll on for the win! thank-you ATR for the starwars battlefront Game!
  16. good job road! thank you for the heads up jack.
  17. Thank you very much! Hacker and Punks got it... lol
  18. What the hell never saw the maps the have here in what i vote for didn't even make the listDam looks like 6 COD maps in the line-up and no canals... what were they thinking, just sad. maybe if they removed the 70% of the votes from those that aren't even playing bf4 from the vote, it would have been canals or kirkland.
  19. Good to see you Havik! Now stop killing me lol
  20. Yep i have the new program and it works great, should have more on time in the next few weeks less than 15 days left this Quarter! As always i'm here if you need me!
  21. see you soon, or i should say here is to you, looking at me through a scope!
  22. Good to see you Turkey Stick!
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