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  1. Haven't been on since before BF1 came out because I got burnt out of BF4 and even though I bought BF1 and Premium, I find that I dislike the game. I've personally been playing a lot of Grand Theft Auto V, as there was a new "DLC" (its just a free update with a new way to make money) update last week and it is pretty fun to get back into with some friends. I have PUBG also, but typically only play in Duos or teams. Heroes and Generals is a pretty fun F2P WWII FPS game on Steam that I really enjoy playing with friends. I still have a Terraria Server that I occasionally boot up too. Other than th
  2. Mrderman007


    I too got burnt out on bf4 like Flash and have gone missing. Haven't even played the new Dragon Valley or Canals map. Definately want to get back into it tho. See you guys on the battlefield soon!
  3. Sorry I haven't been on, got a new headset, but it has no mic. hope to join you guys in the zombie mode on the first tho!

  4. I finally got the Driver by going into Device Manager and choosing the "Search Online for this driver" option, and Viola, it worked.
  5. Ummmm so my Windows 10 Nvidia Driver isn't working, so my GPU won't work. It downloads, and asks for Express Install, or Custom Install, and neither of them work. It goes into the window where it looks like its downloading, then, it shows this gem: http://www.screencast.com/users/MrDerman007/folders/Jing/media/3b1f7c32-9dff-4b6d-b5c9-31f1915bf576. Doesn't work. Anyone else having this issue?
  6. So do we remove the old seeder @iwantyourskullx

  7. The settings contained within the user.cfg are basically advanced graphics and system settings. You can disable motion blur, certain types of haze, meaningless graphics effects, enable BF4 to use additional cores, enable FPS metering, enable network monitoring, etc. Changing a lot of these settings can dramatically enhance the performance of the game on *ANY* system, not just lower end machines. The goal here is to get the highest FPS possible, many of us have GSync monitors that run ideally at 144Hz, something fairly difficult to obtain unless you are on the highest end of hardware or running
  8. What are you guys talking about. I've never messed with the user.cfg. Is there something that I missed? Or is it just adjusting settings to give you a performance boost on a lower-end machine??
  9. Why do I get "Insufficient permissions on TS3???

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