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  1. the last two players died killing each other and being outside the circle
  2. first single player win. have gotten in 2nd and a few under tens but first win
  3. no vip access for BF1. they still have not put it in the RSP program. also from what i read the VIP system they want to put in would only put you to the top of the queue. not kick someone in game to let you play.
  4. once you claim it. it is yours for that account.
  5. i have no strong feelings one way or the other. i will use teamspeak or discord.
  6. my feelings on lost is it is hard to pop. i have a lot of fun, but if we're or the (m4d) guys, are not in there then it seems no one joins. with that said i wouldn't be a opposed to moving lost up in the pop order. as for how long we should sit in a server before we leave. i would think no more than 1 to 2 hours max. if we can get everything else popped then we could always go back and try that server again. i would like to hear more from everyone on how long they think we should try to pop a server before moving on. if we cant get it going.
  7. i cant make it, I was just thinking about ordering a shirt and thought I would ask for everybody since I didn't see that posted anywhere. so put me down for a 2xl shirt
  8. for those of us not invited/not able to make it to the guild party can we still order shirts? I understand there would be additional shipping charges added.
  9. thanks for promoting us.

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