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  1. What's going on with your Ragenam? Hit me up on ts so we can get on it, Camley has it too
  2. My bad, misread email, open beta is now over lol.
  3. Yeah open beta is now up until release on the 30th
  4. I haven't played the beta, but I still play the older game, and for only $22 who cares. Steam had it listed for May 30th, but now it says Q3, but sometime soon
  5. Just kill the servers, admins don't want to be on for it more than what's mandatory on BF nights and seemingly don't want to do their jobs unless it effects their personal game play at the time. What few regulars are left aren't going to stick around to try and pop a server for 3 hours with seeders when everyone else is in other games and even 2 nights a week isn't worth doing. Just keep playing what ever other games you're in, if people are up to trying to party up for bf4 or 1 then they can do it themselves in TS on random servers like they have been. If you aren't familiar wi
  6. Metro no explosives except poison tips and flash bang launchers!
  7. Everyone is just in BF1 right now because of the dlc, happened with Hardline way back when. A couple of us do try and play 4, but with the LAN and the seeders offline during that time, it's kind of sucked trying to fill a server by yourself, especially when everyone is either in BF1 or ARK. I'd say try cutting a few bf4 and make them BF1 if that's where everyone is going to be for now, everyone seems to be playing on random servers and notthe the single ATR one we have (may be because it is just one vanilla conquest type stuff, not new game modes), may just die until another dlc l
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