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  1. na it's a nutria rat, native in LA. Probably the best tasting small game besides rabbit.
  2. The last week there has only been about six or seven people playing battlefield 4. If the game has lost its influence with this community then that's fine, you know shit happens. I think another poll should be made and everyone be frank about their votes, because hopping on during "Battlefield Night" and there only being six people on kinda takes the fun out of the game. If people are burnt out on battlefield it's understandable, shit I've been burnt out on it before, but putting off the decision would be like ignoring a festering wound. This probably my longest post on these forums but this is my opinion of the BF 4 matter.
  3. Got auto balanced earlier in the domination server while teams were two vs five. I was one of the two. The server message was [Moved Camley1 because teams were stacked]. ???
  4. Ah yyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeesssssssss bringing the bow game back, gonna have to break out my moccasin's and my teepee for this one.
  5. got an idea for an event, air sup on a helicopter map.
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