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  1. Thats the program I was using originally but it did'nt work like I wanted it to! So I tried other programs before I just gave up and just reinstalled/downloaded everything back!
  2. Actually I was wrong I had it in the Black Intel ones and just moved it to the Grey Marvell one because of at the very least I was having corruption issues! But when I start up theirs a Marvell screen that pops up and it recognizes the 4TB so thank you sir! I'm just now not wanting to delete the partition and lose all my installed games and other files I recently have on there since I've on Christmas Day! Any suggestions on a data recovery software that will recover everything Folders and Files? I've downloaded a few when I had those corruption issues and had the drive unmounted and then remou
  3. How would I check this? I do know I have them in the Marvell Serial ATA 6.0 Gb/s connetors and I've tried it in 7 pin slots for this area thats Gray! I havent tried the Black Intel area!
  4. Disk # 4 & 5 are external USB Storage Drives! The new Drive Disk #3 is hooked into the second SATA PORT under the main Disk #0 C Drive!
  5. is their a simpler way to find which SATA Ports without A. Opening up the Case And B. Without doing a restart and doing a BIOS Post message?
  6. The partition has been deleted a few times, I forget who it was trying to help me out the day I found out about this issue! It did manage to split on it's own before where I had it as 2 separate Partitions and assigned 2 drive Letters but as soon as I had to restart the PC it was all erased and had to start over with only one Partition and had to reassign a Drive Letter! I've never had a problem installing Hard Drives in years past! I guess I need to catch up with the new HDD Technology! Hell I even seen some stuff about UEFI And LEGACY Bios!
  7. So I got a 4TB Western Digital Hard Drive for XMAS! I installed it and set it to GPT and Not MBR!It's an NTFS Healthy Partition and Im on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601)! The MotherBoard is a ASUS SABERTOOTH x58 and Ive read that machines built before and around 2011 can't recognize more than 2TB in MBR mode! Here's a Link to a Screen Shot Of My Disk Management Window: https://snag.gy/XFWQqr.jpg
  8. until

    *Through the archways
  9. I still need to do this! I should be on at some point this weekend! I'm on right now because I'm off work today! Should be on throughout the rest of the week as well! If I need to schedule a Time with you Janz let me know! I usually catch up on Sleep during the weekends!
  10. That Explains It Perfectly, Thank you Skullz!
  11. Sounds like fun, Just curious why we would'nt do a Zombie Themed Event On Halloween?
  12. He does'nt consider him self a Pro, I believe he's even mentioned this in a video. XFactor is someone who use to play competetively until he got married and settled down! It's all about Low Sens/DPI and not Spray N' Praying In a Situation where the odds arent in your favor! Bursting helps and knowing the limits and ends and outs of the Hardware you're running!
  13. Not yet, Probably will take as long as the community map has! As that Map is about to be dropped on everyone!
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