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  1. Who has or hasn't heard, but I've decided to step down from my role as a director and council member here at ATR. I'll stop in from time to time, on the forums and in TeamSpeak, but for right now, I'm just going to change my focus and get back to having fun when I'm playing.
  2. as phobia pointed out, the best way to report a player is by using !report playername reason while ingame, that sends a ping to all of our admins anyone of which will be able to evaluate the player and decide the best course of action. as it stands without links to the particular rounds you were playing, we can't do much.
  3. the players that enjoy the block pretty much accept that one side gets pushed back. they've learned to get the kills either way.
  4. I'll be on and off over the course of the weekend.
  5. I updated the OP for bolt-action. beyond that, I'd say let people use what they want. they're not going to get to practice the shots ahead of time.
  6. Damnit @Henzo!!!! Steal a gaming laptop from someone!!! I have one but our team is going to be short handed so we may not have any down time. those kinds of trips suck. don't burn yourself out and get sick.
  7. Damnit @Henzo!!!! Steal a gaming laptop from someone!!!
  8. No. Just no. Events are supposed to be fun. Not a reason to open a vein. I'd actually recommend only using a rifle you're familiar with. Best suggestion I have is play recon as much as you can to find the rifle you like. It's an interesting idea, but negates the timing thing with the need to redeploy to change your loadout. And, to tell you the truth, I'm going to make sure that it won't be clean and even ranges.
  9. Hey! All you shooters, drivers, pilots!!! Save the date on your calendar 8PM EST for the Meeting. 9PM For the event! We're going with a member suggestion for the event. And sorry, no, it's not LOST TDM DEFIBS ONLY... I'm calling this one...Click, Click, BOOM! Get ready to test your bolt action sniping skills. Accurate but slow? Quick shot but need to dial it in? Let's see who can get the best bang for their bullets. C4 will be placed for snipers to explode. The shots will be difficult, but not painfully so. Firestorm, using the tower, has been suggested, though I'm willing to entertain other thoughts. Shots fired and time will be used to score. (complete math to be posted here once I have it) And thanks to @The_Real_1hit for the event suggestion.
  10. Just leave flares burning in every camp ground
  11. nice! hopefully we've got a few more
  12. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/news/view/gear-up-for-battlefield-4-night-operations-2?utm_campaign=bf-social-global-ic-tw-bf4-nightopsblog-080515-tw-prev-site-sust&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&sourceid=bf-social-global-ic-tw-bf4-nightopsblog-080515-tw-prev-site-sust&cid=41414&ts=1438809079309&sf39729469=1
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