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  1. That's a big number Grats you guys
  2. This sounds pretty good. I like the idea.
  3. woot woot thanks back to school! Looks like everyone is back in their dorms or back home from vacation and playing again. Awesome job everyone on sticking it out last couple months. Hard work pays off!
  4. Hows the hunter situation? Played from Beta till the start of Pandera and dropped out. Survival still able to hold it's own vs Marks? Or did they make Beast the class to run? Even during the glory of the Marks hunters I still played as Survival just to prove I could still dps as much as them hehe. My Rotation was tight
  5. Guess it'll be time to equip flares for all the Flir and Night vision scrubs hehe
  6. Yeah I tried that when I first got it and I was screwed and not able to run the AMD card that's on it because it needs the HP software to activate the AMD card instead of the Intel onboard one. Switchable graphics ftl But it's up and running at least and seeding away as usual..
  7. Well just finished reverting laptop back to windows 7... I was un able to download any of the stupid HP programs due to the awesome "Windows won't run that app for your protection" bullshit But at least you get 1 month to revert back. They keep all your windows 7 stuff in a folder and you can just hit a reverse key in the update section and it goes back in 5min. Do not ever buy an HP machine. I got this one off the back of a truck... But still they have the worst driver support and they suck donky balls. And who ever thought that having switchable graphics for power saving is an idiot. /rant over
  8. And I lost control of my video card too... Ughhhhh I can see my Nvidia card in the devices log but I can't switch to it in display settings. It's only seeing the Intel HD bullshit that's on this thing. Laptop has dual graphics so if it's in power save mode it'll switch to Intel vs being on Nvidia when it's at full power.
  9. yeah only issue I have is this stupid HP Envy has dumb controls from HP and guess now I can't Dim my screen anymore... Shits at full brightness and and white pages are blinding me haha.... Even the brightness tab in the windows video settings won't work ugh..
  10. Just installed it on my laptop. SO far so good. Time to see how it seeds...
  11. yeah I think that would be kinda cool. I miss me some Canals and Kharg TDM
  12. Played it for an hour yesterday and had alot of fun. It's a little older but runs great on any machine. Only thing you have to get used to is they physics
  13. rofl wtf am I watching haha I'm waiting for a little bird to come out and tear him up haha
  14. yeah should give it a go and maybe push it higher in the seeder order. Think last time it was lower in the order so it wasn't popping earlier.
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