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  1. Thanks for the info and playing on our servers, you can always use our report function in game, this will usually lead to faster results. He has been banned from our servers, till he makes another account. Thanks
  2. Well that was the idea of canted so dont have to change load out, but then how can we know they are using them. but multiple c4's can be laid out starting close then working back. it can also be 2 scoring rounds and added together type event. iron site at close range plus the scopes at farther ranges. But my reality question is why does c4 explode with a bullet?
  3. What if we were to make it multiple objectives like 50 - 100 meters canted iron sites then to further distances with a scope, seeing this will be a per shot, timed event.
  4. read ths to appeal http://atrstats.com/questions that will take you through the process
  5. if you use custom install there should be an option to do a clean install there is a check box on the bottom
  6. Nvidia just realsed a new driver so i will be testing it later on
  7. thank you for the report player has been dealt with
  8. Wow i like pictures thanks phxman for the event plans.
  9. @HappyUnholy can you check him further not showing up on VIP list
  10. you are on the VIP list so not sure why maybe the plugin ?
  11. well it was a thought to avoid customs costs
  12. as far as Canada shipping i think Janz will be going to the event maybe he can bring them back to canada and ship them there if it would be any cheaper. Just a thought
  13. never played bc2 is there a large player base for it? right now bf4 is around 25k for pc maybe a little higher on weekends. I would like to know what games are available to put onto our server maybe there are some that members of ATR would like to play too.
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