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  1. We are a multi-clan team(ATR and DSG) so we decided on a new name.
  2. Thanks to all made it out last night. We had a great time defeating FPS in a landslide. Teamwork and strategy were great and being a team that is new to competitive game play we still did very well! For those who were not there, in CCS we have to play two maps with two rounds each on 300 tickets. The results were as follows: Siege of Shanghai Round 1 1CB: 193 - FPS: 0 Round 2 1CB: 277 - FPS: 0 Total 1CB: 470 - FPS: 0 Dawnbreaker Round 1 1CB: 174 - FPS: 0 Round 2 1CB: 231 - FPS: 0 Total 1CB: 405 - FPS: 0 Total 1CB: 875 - FPS: 0 We still have some room for improvement. Our next match will be on March 30th at 9:pm EST against Verta in week 1 of the real season. Maps will be Zavod 311 and Golmud Railway. Their team is very skilled, most have well over 2 KDR, and will be a tough opponent. We will need to step up our game in order to come out the victors! If you are interested in being on our team just get with me, we have room for substitutes.
  3. Lost Island C4 Member Event

    JUST JEEP STUFF Our next member meeting will be February 28th at 7pm EST and event will start at 8pm EST. Last few meetings and events have been lacking, so I will be promoting this very often. Please stop by as we will have much to discuss and fun to be had! RULES: MAP: Lost Islands MODE: Hardcore TDM, no squads WEAPON: C4 only, Support or Recons kits with field upgrade allowed WINNER: Most kills - $60 The event will be C4 only on Lost Islands. Chunk some down stairs, wait for a passing victim, or run someone down. Any kit with C4 will be allowed with any field upgrade. Some upgrades will grant additional C4 after a certain score. No other weapons or equipment will be allowed! No grenades, TUGS, rifles. etc.! !!!!! PLEASE RSVP TO THIS EVENT SO WE CAN PLAN ACCORDINGLY!!!!!!
  4. I have been in touch with the leader of Symthic and CCS. If there are still players interested we could be paired with another team that is in the same boat and will then have enough players.
  5. I have contacted non-members also. Seams like we could have around 10 players, but the likelihood of us all being available at the same time is low. Removing us from this series for now.
  6. If we can't get more players for the team soon I will remove us from this competition.
  7. Anyone else interested? The first match we are playing against SoC. The match will be sometime this weekend and we still need players! I will be hosting a practice on Wednesday night. @asmith19323 @Asta @Bigfoot @bLiNdLuCkIeR @Chuck_Mawhinn3y @COLMAC @Flashplate @DropShotz007 @HappyUnholy @heman22union @kenwood720 @kryptostahl7 @lxadeptxl @OONicc @sillouette23502 @xNoiisy
  8. I have brought up putting together a competitive team for a while and have spoken to several of you about it with mixed input. I have signed us up for the CCS Legacy Cup, which is put together by the folks at symthic.com, just to reserve our place if there are enough people interested but we don't have a team yet! We will be playing primarily Conquest during these matches and need players that are skilled at infantry, ground vehicles, air vehicles, or other support roles. Any ATR member or approved non-member will be allowed to represent us. There will be NO restrictions (kdr, skill, kills, etc) on which members can participate, but I would like to put together a skilled team and just have fun playing other clans every now and then. This will be a lower tier team and as I said just something fun and nothing too serious. From what I understand is that they are trying to do 10v10 matches so we will need 10-15 will players to be a part of this team. Here are the rules for the roster: Adding Players: CUPS: Members of teams may only be added to a roster before the cup begins. When the cup starts, the rosters will be locked. SEASON: Members can be added throughout the season. Rosters will be locked during the last week of the regular season. SWITCHING TEAMS: After players are signed up to play for one team, a player can only switch teams if approved by both team leaders. However, in the case of political situations where a release is not granted; CCS admins can help in unique circumstances. MULTIPLE TIER PLAY: Other than having Team Leader approvals for “ringers” (see ringer section), players are not allowed to play on multiple teams in multiple Tiers. RINGERS: A “ringer” is a player needed in the case that a team does not have numbers to play a match. In the situation that a ringer is needed, the opposing team leader must approve the ringer. Take into account a match played is better than a match forfeited. However, it is still up to that team leader’s discretion to allow a player or not. CCS admins can be sought to help in these situations if available. I would like to have one night a week were we can practice strategies if possible. Practice and matches must not interfere with populating/admining our servers and must be done outside of that time. This is more of a practice season since the guys at Symthic are still dialing in the details for later this year such as modes and weapons allowed. If you are interested, please review the links below for rules and other resources and reply in this thread stating you are interested and with a day/time where you can be regularly available. RULES: http://forum.symthic.com/battlefield-4-general-discussion/champion-s-combat-series/9433-ccs-rules/ BRACKET: http://forum.symthic.com/battlefield-4-general-discussion/champion-s-combat-series/10023-ccs-legacy-cup-bracket-faq/
  9. until
    MAKING SPARKS FLY Our next member event will be BATTLE BOTS! Pitted against each other in an extreme underground robot fighting league, only one bot will make it out alive. The member meeting will take place at 7pm EST and the event will start at 8pm EST. RULES: Location: Dragon Valley Temple Courtyard (H Flag) Mode: Conquest Small/Large Weapon: EOD Bot Winner: Last man standing This event will feature the battle of the bots. Just like the show Battle Bots, two players will battle at a time and the winner will advance to the next round. There will be multiple rounds until one winner emerges. Bots must only fight each other and must stay in the courtyard area, no going up the stairs or though the archways. If a bot leaves the area that player is disqualified and the other play wins! Please RSVP and join us on Saturday January 30th at 7pm! See you there!
  10. until
    NOSHAHR CANALS IS BACK!! What better way to celebrate than for our next member event since Noshahr Canals has been a BF3 favorite of ours along with another BF3 relic, the AN-94. Meeting will take place at 7pm EST and the event will commence at 9pm EST. RULES: Map: Dragon Valley (Noshahr Canals) Mode: TDM with no squads Weapon: Stock AN-94 with no attachments Winner: Most kills This event will feature the stock AN-94 only, no attachments and no other weapons are permitted. This means not even flash bangs, grenades, defibs, pistols, etc. No attachments mean NO ATTACHMENTS and no scopes. You want to ask what is allowed? Simply, if it's not an AN-94 don't use it! The AN-94 can be set to fully auto or burst mode with the V key. Either will be allowed and should be noted that the burst mode has a higher RPM! Please RSVP and join us on Sunday December 27th at 7pm! See you there!
  11. Zombie Event!


    I streamed the event to Twitch for those who missed out - http://www.twitch.tv/skulls_tv/v/23575015
  12. 11/1/15 Halloween Zombie Mode Event

    Most people we talked to have plans on Halloween and won't be available, including myself. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  13. 11/1/15 Halloween Zombie Mode Event

    This one won't warn of explosives in your loadout. You will get a few warnings after using explosives by being killed before being kicked. All zombies get to respawn. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  14. 11/1/15 Halloween Zombie Mode Event

    Yes it is. Should have had a message at the top stating you've been added to the RSVP list. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk

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