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  1. LOL, for sure bud. I'll leave the blank ones on for you Hope for the best for all of you! Tee
  2. I have as well guys!! I wish everyone the best of luck!
  3. I'd love to get a glass mug too.
  4. Me too Sir! For the cold winters
  5. I'm down for 1 shirt XL and possibly 1 hoodie XL.
  6. Thanks Havik2k you were beasting out in there buddy. I need the bow too so lets figure it out. Tee
  7. I apologies, I got jammed up today fixing a bunch of stuff at the house getting ready for the 4th. Just now packing up to head south. I'll be late for sure to the Council meeting but hope to get set back up for the rest. Later, Tee
  8. Thanks for letting us know bro and as Flash said Family First. Tee
  9. Congrats guys! Glad to have you back in this capacity and thanks for all of your effort! Tee
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