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  1. Fire!

    Better call 0118 999 881 999 119 725 3 Also, dial that on any Android phone for some some additional fun.
  2. Discord

    To eliminate another complaint Discord now has a status log in the #status channel. It keeps track of users logging in and logging out. To disable notifications for this channel (only hear it when you want) go to the three horizontal lines next to the server name in the top left corner. Then go to notification settings, scroll down to #status and click the bell next to the name.
  3. Discord

    @Mastrictry: https://betterdiscord.net/home/ It shrinks all of the UI elements and also allows custom CSS to further shrink things as you would like. I prefer Discord because of the built in chat that doesn't require you to be in a voice channel. I also like that I can be online continuously through my phone and that I can login to Discord through their website and get much the same experience as the desktop application; voice is lacking on the web based version, but I don't think that it was designed to be used as your only access. I feel that we're likely to get more people showing up in Discord due to it's "go to this webpage" rather than "download and install this app" approach. There are some drawbacks like not having the ability to see who is joining / leaving the server that I'd like see get addressed with Discord, but other than that, I've not much to complain about with it. For anyone wishing to not hear notifications for all chat channels Click the three horizontal lines next to the server name in the top right of Discord -> Notification Settings, then change the "Server Notification Settings" to "@Mentions Only" which will disable all notifications that aren't specifically calling your name. Discord will let you know of unread messages by "lighting up" the channel name.
  4. A new game came out a few weeks ago that is truly different. Its called Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes and is a single player co-op game. The objective of the game is to defuse the bomb shown on the "Bomb Defuser"'s by working with "Bomb Experts" who have the manual with instructions on how to defuse the bomb. I think this would be fun as a tournament at the LAN as it requires some pretty good teamwork on the more difficult levels. Links: Game: http://www.keeptalkinggame.com/ Manual: http://www.bombmanual.com/
  5. Just for anyone who doesn't already know this: If you are for any reason unsatisfied with any game you have purchased through Origin, you can return it for a full refund within 7 days of purchase. (Or 7 days of release if preordered)
  6. ATRLAN Team Building - Looking for Admins & Volunteers

    Check out Bradley ( BDL ) for a flight, it's about 30-40 mins from me or on the way if times line up. Typically, it's hosted at the Hilton Garden Inn, in Troy, NY. Hoping we can have it there again. Most get their own room, or buddy up. Past two years I've gotten the presidential suite. Congrats on your 1000th post
  7. ATRLAN Team Building - Looking for Admins & Volunteers

    I can help setup and take-down as well as help with w/e else needs to be done. I also don't need to recompile my Linux Kernel to use the RFID reader and promise to bring a GFX card!
  8. New Emblem/Logo Challenge

    From what I understand for BF4, the logo will have to be reconstructed with a limit of 48 "shapes" :\ It's actually 40... so even more restrictive. Nope, it's 39 layers.
  9. New Emblem/Logo Challenge

    We don't own this logo template, we own the rights to USE this logo. Other people can also purchase the same phoenix logo template and use it for their own purposes as well. IE. Don't go yelling at people that you see using the same Phoenix, they're going to laugh at you.
  10. New Emblem/Logo Challenge

    I can't seem to find them online anywhere, can you send me a link to them?
  11. New Emblem/Logo Challenge

    I'm thinking he was being a bit sarcastic... I can never be too sure though.
  12. New Emblem/Logo Challenge

    It will likely need to come out of the ATR Paypal so that ATR owns the license to use it. If you purchase it you own the license, not ATR. or you just need to have a bit of magic
  13. New Emblem/Logo Challenge

    Try this: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/2392284?hl=en it may help to speed up web browsing in general.
  14. New Emblem/Logo Challenge

    This looks pretty nice: http://graphicriver.net/item/phoenix-/11303929 It's also reasonably priced for royalty free -- I don't have photoshop (or any photo editing software) on my laptop so I can't play around with it to see how a finished logo would look, but I'd imagine it'd look pretty good.
  15. World of Warcraft

    See ya next week

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