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  1. i was looking at continuum just loaded it but hvnt started a single player to see what it is like.
  2. ill be in, dont have a base or anything yet, looking for a ggod spot.
  3. if i knew how sure. that could be what we are having now ( i did not try and place a vanilla item vs S+)
  4. so looking around i see some of our favorite mods are up and running. should we think about adding? Platforms plus Snappy saddles Super spy glass homing pidgeon classic flyers...
  5. yeah found it and 2 of pio's birds just hanging in the jungle. been using nerita's and feeding it as well.
  6. when? looks like alot of my raw materials are gone too.
  7. just downloaded it , there are several different worlds it can gen, bioms o plenty , lost cities, BoP with lost cities(this is what i did first), great wall? and realistic.
  8. connection info? 1.10 or most current minecraft version?
  9. i wasnt on im back to the 7pm to 3 am sched at work.
  10. i am game , have opend a motorcycle club for US we need someone with more money to get us a bunker and Offices.
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