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  1. I'm joining a different guild with my main :/. At first i didn't want to post because i genuinely don't want to start up any toxic conversations as I know I'm not the only person doing this and I haven't raided since the beginning of legion, but it felt wrong to leave quietly as well because there are a lot of people here I really love. I'll be leveling an alt that I would also like to raid with and am considering doing it with ATR but i don't want to get anyones hopes up as this game is a lot of work with just one toon. I still love a lot of the people here and I still hope I'm invited to pla
  2. Not gonna be there tonight guys, and probably not tomorrow either. Sorry
  3. almost forgot but i'm going to a concert thursday so i wont be able to raid. that is all.
  4. wasn't just you babe. I actually didn't find it to be toxic till a few people got tired of it and they started getting really upset the conversation kept going. Until then I thought it was warranted. I mean legendaries are crazy rng and when crazy shit happens like 2 people getting 2 in one night there is gunna be a certain amount of laughing and bitching. I think almost every other time people have been pretty congratulatory any time someone gets one, with maybe the exception of ward, and even then it was fun. I think its fair to keep the rules in mind but no reason to bench someone for being
  5. but.... If you can't rub it in peoples face what's the point of getting one? I have to let everyone know how big my weenie is! Everyone else has to feel bad for me to feel good!
  6. just to clarify i'm not trying to start any shit or anything, im not mentioning names of proplem people, I just wanted to make a post on the forums to basically say... use the forums peeps. There have been certain people who almost every raid this xpac from day one have been arguing with officers in raid, then continue arguing in raid chat and being generally rude. Other people have intentionally instigated others who are known to be easily pissed off and it really brings the whole raid down. every week I've heard officers say, "Whisper us", "Make a post in the forums about it", or some other
  7. Just realized this is an old post but this is some of my work. I have a nicer pdf portfolio but my page has more recent stuff on it.
  8. super sick peeps. sorry i didnt post yesterday. it just came out of nowhere and i just forgot about raid entirely. i probably wont be on tonight either honestly.
  9. I'll be playing warlock still but I may level a dk as well and might consider switching to that as main... maybe... I have a few alts
  10. having internet issues, going on and off and when its on its not running fast enough for shit. also i might not be on tomorrow because i'll be out driving at the dmv practicing for my driving test thursday, i might be on time, might be late, or just not at all, but i'l try to be on if possible since i know attendance is an issue for mythic, sorry guys.
  11. not the reason.... but it is good timing
  12. I'm terrible at fps games lol. I only really do story based ones or dumb ones. i got halo and im pretty sure my kda is like -1.5 or something.
  13. sooooooooooooooooo..... I'm probably gunna leave till legion.... or at least for now, It's been a pretty strange couple weeks for me IRL and in the meantime I ran out of gametime and I just dont feel like buying a new year right now because lately I've only been on during raid days because I love raiding with everyone, but i'm just getting burnt out on wow and I want to take some time to do other stuff, maybe start my own online design store and what not. I'll probably try to get on for gta thursdays more often though. Well just have to see, I will definitely be back for legion. sorry for not
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