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  1. Good luck killing the dogs next! They're ruff!
  2. People don't have health bars, but yes, I mean that there are dead students. One died yesterday of injuries.
  3. Because of some heavy 'people being dead' things happening around here, among other important dates, I won't be returning to raid until November 15th at the earliest and November 22nd at the latest. Need to focus on other things right now and I need all the time I can get.
  4. I share the office with the other stage manager and we will also have two alumni coming in to co-stage manage as well so.. unfortunately I cannot claim the office for myself
  5. Work with the current production is becoming more intense as we start to integrate a system that closer resembles the general system in the working world. This does, however, mean I'll be going later than rehearsal the actual rehearsal end. Last night, for instance, I was in the theatre until 10:30 doing work in my office (I have an office now too!). So, I will be unable to raid with you guys until October 25th, which is after the show closes. At the point, I'll be back and able to make the full raid night from beginning to end as well.
  6. Nahnahnahnahnah... I mean yes but nahnahnah... I'll be on for raid later, once rehearsal is out. The coffee was really strong.
  7. A bit short notice but I can already say with certainty I won't be on for raid tonight. I'm too sick and need to put all my energy towards homework. Actually scratch that. Downed some high dose of pain killers and got me some coffee and I'll be raring to go!
  8. The Colored Museum is the first production we're doing that I am a stage manager for. The second production is American Idiot but I don't necessarily plan to do much for that one.
  9. Sorry about tonight, I had last minute issues within the theatre that had to be taken care of. But speaking of the theatre, since I am stage manager of the first show I will be late to raid consistently moving forward. Rehearsal will run from 7-9pm on weekdays. I don't know if there will be off days yet because we haven't gotten the calendar, but should at the beginning of next week for our first rehearsal.
  10. Sorry I couldn't give a heads up. In the last two hours, learned that my grandmother is getting her house sprayed so she, her cat, and her dog are over for the evening. Grandmother has different standards of socialization.. therefore, were I to be occupied on my laptop it would great frustration. That frustration would turn into arguing with my mother, which would then turn into a large problem in the household. I may be able to hop on when she leaves but I don't know when that will be. Sometime tonight, just not sure when exactly. Again, sorry I couldn't give a heads up.
  11. Going to be in Canada next week and I probably won't be raiding while there.
  12. Don't know if there is raid this week, but if there is I won't be available Tomorrow I'm going to see a play with my great uncle and Thursday I'm heading to Snug's place so... blame him.
  13. ... no I don't. I joined on the premise of only raiding with them Tues/Mon. This is a temporary change due to the new raid.
  14. For the next two Wednesdays, I'll be raiding with Stacked. It's their 'new raid special' thing that they've added that day for two weeks. Afterwards they'll return to raiding only Tuesday (maybe Mon) so I'll be back to raiding with you guys on Weds.
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