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    yes i left uRock.. but all this is happening while im in the middle of a hell week at work.. you all can look forward to seeing me in your kill cam.. while i am not ready to join up.. i certainly want this suceed.. i made to many friends in my time with uRock.. i will try and hop in team speak this weekend to chat with all of you..
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    HACKING We have ZERO tolerance for hacking. Once a hacker, always a hacker. Anyone found cheating will be banned permenantly from all of our Ranked Servers. All members will be checked against standard sites such as AntiCheat Inc and Punk Buster. Our own review of your stats will be made using our stats site ATRStats.com BAN APPEALS If you feel you've been banned unjustly, please post an appeal by looking up your player @ ATRStats.com Be civil and reasonable in your appeal. "Flames" will cause appeal to be denied and being banned from the Forums. CONDUCT IN GAME Glitching or using Macros is prohibited. Members should not "teabag" other members. If just starting the server and all players are members, if you want to go "Pistols Only" that is fine, so long as all members agree. It should NOT be pushed. If a pug joins, go weapons hot. Do not try and push special restrictions on players joining the server. More often than not it will just drive the player away. VIP Players who have donated at least $20 in a given month will be given VIP access to our servers. This access will immediately join you into a server so that you do not have to wait in line. Keep in mind that this may not work on "Official Servers", it will work on "Ranked Servers". RANKED VS OFFICIAL When first turning on a new server the server will be an Official Server. On Official servers we do not have the ability to force VIP to work, kill, kick or ban players. However it does drive "Quick Play" traffic to the server, helping get it populated and get people aware of our group and that the server exists. After a reasonable trial period of allowing people to find the server, it will be switched to a Ranked server. Anyone found hacking on an Official Server will be banned from all our Ranked servers. Ranked servers we have full control over. VIP will work and of course we can kill, kick, ban and enforce special rules such as "No Explosives" or "Pistols Only" SEEDERS To be eligible for prizes at the end of each month, you must seed at least half the month during our "Prime Time" hours. Which is 8AM to 7PM. You do not need to seed that entire window, just a reasonable amount in that window to show effort being made to help us populate servers. We have reporting ability to know whether you just happened to be playing during that time, or if you were running the seeder application. PRIME TIME POPPERS We need more people on in the mornings and afternoons to help get servers going. Seeders certainly help, but what really gets servers populated is actual players. We of course do not expect any member to sit in a server with a bunch of seeders and do nothing hoping another real person will join, but we are going to try and recognize those people that are making an effort and not just playing on a full server all day. HELPING POPULATE SERVERS Members are required to help us populate servers. We do not expect them to do so 24/7, or by themselves, but if there are at least 4 active people on TeamSpeak then you should try jumping into a server with seeders and get it going. BURN OUT is real. If there aren't enough active people on TS, then you are not expected to sit in a server by yourself, do what you can to get people into servers and keep them there. TEAMSPEAK Members are required to use TeamSpeak. We are going to be a little more selective when bringing new members into the group, and one requirement is that they join TS and stick around. We understand that many members have work or school so being on in the morning and afternoon is difficult. However please make an effort to jump on as often as possible. Even if just to check in, say hello, whatever. If you are available in the morning and afternoon, jump on and hang out for a bit. Even if you're by yourself, odds are someone else will join soon enough. We will often see members join, see no one on, and immediately quit. Only to see another member do the same thing a few minutes later. So in short, stick around! RECRUITMENT We are all recruiters! Having a great game? Try to get those players into TeamSpeak and on our forums! The more active and good players (and we aren't even talking skill, just decent human beings) we have, the better. It will make our lives easier, servers pop faster, life is good. So get out there and spread the word. Post on BL Forums, Reddit, engage people in the servers. Get them talking and interested. We may do some kind of referral program (need Council vote and discussion), give some kind of reward or incentive for those getting good people into All That Rem
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    To be determined. (Looking for feedback and for the directors of ATR to add to this thread. It will be closed after a period of time and finalized.   Any person joining the All That Remàins gaming community will be vetted. We expect all players, regardless of game, to respect our members and leadership.   LANGUAGE   We DO NOT allow racist or homophobic slurs. We DO NOT allow intolerant language in regards to ones gender, race, country, sexual preference or background.   It''s understood that we''re a gaming community of adults. Adult language, swearing is acceptable if not expected. However the intolerant language mentioned above can give a group a bad image. If you are found using such language in TeamSpeak or in-game you will be warned and removed if necessary.   Examples of this language which will not tolerated in any variation are: fag, faggot, chink, gook, nig, nigger, spick, retard, cunt, kike, etc.   CONDUCT TOWARD PLAYERS   Each member of All That Remàins is a representative of the entire group. We expect all members to treat all players with respect, knowing that other players observing the conversation or interaction are also potential members. We always want to maintain a positive image so that in-turn those are the types of players that we''re attracting to the group.   A certain level of trash talk is not unexpected in gaming. Just try and keep it in check. It''s up to the leaders of each game to keep players in check. If interactions are going beyond "Just in good fun" player needs to be warned and if the problem persists, removed from the group.   IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM   If you''re having a problem with another member please bring that problem to an Admin or Officer. If the problem is with an Admin or Officer then please reach out to one of the directors of ATR and we''ll do our best to help resolve the issue.
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    WELCOME FELLOW GAMERS! ATR Gamers is hosting a Battlefield 4 Gun Master event that is open to the public. Anyone interested is free to join us on June 6th at 8:00pm EST. We will have up to eight Battlefield 4 servers available to accommodate players and will be giving away prizes. All prizes will be in the form of gift cards from Steam, Origin, uPlay, or Newegg. Players are encouraged to stick around before and after the event to meet the crew! All players that attend the event must abide by our rules and standards to be eligible for prizes and are stated below. EVENT The event will take place on ATR Gamers Battlefield 4 servers and TeamSpeak on June 6th at 8:00pm EST. We will have up to 256 slots available on our Battlefield 4 servers and 512 slots available in TeamSpeak. The event will start promptly at 8:00pm EST and run until three winners have emerged over multiple rounds. The game mode for each server needed will be set to Gun Master, the preset will be set to Standard, and players will be set to 32. The event will be elimination style competing and the top six players from each round/server will advance to the next round. This process will repeat until only one round/server is filled with top players from the previous rounds and will be the final round. The top three players from the last round will be declared winners. SERVERS Search for ATR Gamers in your server browser to find all of our servers. On June 6th, server names will include "Community Event" for any servers needed to accommodate all players. Be sure to favorite our servers! TEAMSPEAK ServerIP: ts.atrgamers.com Players are encouraged to join us in TeamSpeak before, during, and after the event. We will have many channels for you interact in with the public players and ATR Gamers members. Please use your in-game name when joining us to help with identification and for any contact purposes . All players joining our TeamSpeak will be subject to our rules and guidelines listed below. Prizes 1st Place $100 2nd Place $60 3rd Place $40 RSVP Please RSVP for this event no later than 6:30PM EST on 6/6/15. RSVP'ing will reserve you a VIP slot in the event as well as in all our server from NOW until 11:59PM EST on 6/6/15. While walk-ins are welcome,if you do not RSVP for the event we cannot guarantee you a slot. You may RSVP here: http://atrstats.com/event/signup RULES AND GUIDELINES No Hacking/Cheating No intolerant language, such as racist or homophobic slurs, is allowed on our game servers or TeamSpeak Respect all players and ATR Gamer admins Player pings must not exceed 160ms, and will be kicked if they do. Most players in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Western Europe should be within this limit; check our servers before the event to ensure you qualify! WINNERS Winners will be screened for any broken rules after the event and will be listed here. In the event that a winner has broken above rules, prize will be given to the next ranked player of the event. Winners will be contacted by an ATR Gamer council member and will have 72 hours to claim your prize in the form of their choice. Any unclaimed prizes will be forfeited and given to the next ranked player of the event. If no winners claim the prizes, equal cash value will be donated to charity. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. BY PARTICIPATING IN THIS EVENT YOU AGREE TO OUR RULES AND GUIDELINES. IF YOU DO NOT ADHERE TO THE RULES AND GUIDELINES STATED ABOVE YOU WILL BE SUBJECT TO BANS FROM OUR GAME SERVERS AND/OR OUR TEAMSPEAK. IN EXTREME CASES OFFENDERS WILL BE GIVEN A METABAN AND/OR OTHER ANTI-CHEAT BANS BASED ON WEAPON STATS. ATR GAMERS RESERVES THE RIGHT TO USE VIDEO AND AUDIO RECORDINGS OF ANY PLAYERS GAME PLAY OR INTERACTION WITH OUR TEAMSPEAK. IF YOU CANNOT AGREE TO AFOREMENTIONED RULES AND GUIDELINES, DO NOT ATTEND THIS EVENT.
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    due to a conversion that i had tonight with someone. i want to bring every ATR member and guest up to date. we DO NOT want to turn anyone away from playing with us. we are a very causal group of gamers. that get on and play when life allows. if that means that you can only get on once a week or month or every couple of months. we dont care. if your at the bottom of the scoreboard. so what. we accept everyone who is a decent person no matter what your skill level. (at least for battlefield, dont know much about wow, so cant speak for them, but i am sure that is much the same.) what i do mostly want to say. is that we do give good natured ribbing. i DONT want anyone to take that personally. if you feel that the jokes that are said in teamspeak are a problem please contact an admin in that channel and we will do everything, including ban people if needed, to make you feel comfortable enough to play on our servers or with or group. we are always looking for new and old players to join teamspeak and have a good time. we DONT want anybody to feel bullied or unwelcome. also if your an admin or just a player, please post if you have anything to add. thanks
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    I know there is a lot of IT guys working on the server end of things and even more floating around. I'd like to take some of the work load off them by throwing the offering desktop support, upgrade options, building new PC questions, or anything desktop related really. I'm well versed with hardware issues, OS issues, driver related game issues, windows patch issues, and more. Please feel free to ask away in forum PMs, game messages, or emails. Here are some ways to get a hold of me. (I'll be updating blizzard ID and origin ID when I get home) https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197998258531 anatglapo679@gmail.com For the sake of credibility I give you a ridiculous picture of when I won my first regional PC building contest. Kansir - WoW Kansir - Steam Rathmaster - Origin Andy - Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm
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    Just want to say congratulations to our Battlefield 4 Group. For the first time since we started, all Eight of our Battlefield servers filled, and not only that, all but one had a Queue meaning people were waiting in line to play on them. Over 280 active players (no seeders) online! Thank you to everyone that helps support the servers through seeding, popping and donations. You all make this possible. We have seen over the past couple weeks that servers are filling faster, and we're getting down to the last two earlier each day. When EA isn't crashing things that is lol. Lets keep this up!
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    "Like the phoenix we will rise from the ashes because we are All That Rem." - Chuck_Mawhinn3y. The eagle was burned and out of the ashes arose the phoenix! I have a challenge for ANYONE at ATR, create a new Battlefield emblem showcasing a phoenix and the letters ATR. I made one last night and just copied the current ATR logo. Given our situation, I think the phoenix represents us quite accurately. I will be giving away a prize for the winner, most likely a copy of a game of your choice or a gift card! Create a PERSONAL emblem, not using the platoon so it doesn't override the current one, and take a screenshot which you will post here. We will vote on which one we like the best. We will discuss whether we want the winning emblem to become our new logo for ATR which I can convert to a SVG, PNG, etc. Feel free to discuss ideas/concepts below or even create something in Photoshop!
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    Our first month and i see this, great job everyone looks great Screen shot from 6/8/2015 at 10pm est
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    So as you have more than likely found out by now, Cyberbang3r has decided to shut down =U= Rock and is unwilling to transfer control to anyone else. So as a result we've needed to find a new home. Luckily we already have a great relationship with the members of All That Rem. As such we are joining forces with them to become a gaming community instead of just a "clan" focused on one game. Things will not be easy, but every single Council member and every member we've spoken too have been on board with coming over to ATR Gamers and keeping things fun! Here is some additional information on what we're doing! 1. Our servers will be "No Lag" servers, pings will be limited to a maximum of 160. Previously we were forced to keep ping limits off, or set closer to 200. 2. Transparency with donations. Once we get our donation system setup on this new site, we will make everything visible. All members will be able to see what comes in and what goes out. Our goal will cover the cost of the servers, and enough for an additional month or two for a "rainy day" fund. 3. All excess funds (donations above our costs and reserve for bad months) will be channeled into prizes, raffles and giveaways! 4. There will no longer be an "Executive Director" that makes the final decisions. All 10 Council Members are going to be making the decisions going forward. (With feedback from members of course.) 5. All prior admins are going to be senior members in the group. With our initial start of just 2 servers, and our work on the admin tools it doesn't make sense to have 20 people trying to cover 2 servers that aren't full. As we fill them up and get new servers we will start promoting senior members back to Admins with new training for our updated tools. 6. Seeding will continue to be very important. We hope that there continues to be a good following of individuals that are willing to lend us their PC power in the morning and afternoon while they're away at school and work. We will make an effort though to recognize who is doing their fair share of helping pop, and understanding the need to take a break. 7. We will still be offering VIP slots for $20 8. Server Sponsors will no longer be $90. Because it doesn't cost that much to host a server. We will be lowering that to an amount closer to $70 for a 64 and $35 for a 32. 9. While we want servers to be popped 24/7, we understand that's not going to always be possible. Those that want a "specialty" server such as a Pistols Only or No Explosives will be considered by Council. As long as it is being sponsored each month, odds are we will leave it up. Understanding being that priority on popping will be lower vs our other servers unless it proves to be popular. 10. MORE FUN LESS DRAMA. Tired of the doom and gloom. Regardless of what happens we'll have a place for us to hang out and have fun. If it turns out we don't have the financial support to keep going with game servers, we'll always have enough support for TeamSpeak. I've been very happy on how this transition is going, and it warms my pants seeing every single member (Save for Cyber and Akira of course) coming over and offering to help. Soooooooooooooo in short. Welcome to All That Rem and I look forward to playing with all of you. (Giggle) HappyGotLucky aka) Unholyfaith aka) Nick
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    iwantyourskullx was kind enough to donate enough to order a new dedicated game server. So in the next 24/hours we'll be bringing up some more servers! Suggestions are welcome!
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    I would love to do a DEFIBS Only Event In Lost Islands, A lot of us had a lot of fun 2 Nights in a row doing this after popping! Span and I were drinking after each time we died and had a Blast!
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    Thanks to everyone who showed up for the meeting and for the event! We had a blast. Skullx streamed to twitch for any who missed it. I'll drop the screenshot of the final scoreboard when I get home tonight. Skullx won, and deferred his prize to Havik who kindly donated it back to the clan!! On top of that Janz showed some ATR love and picked up BF4 for Heman one of our new members!
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    Just the ATR Ranks for now, WoW, BF, & GTA ones will come later. Most likley themed to match the game. Rank names, icons, and colors are also subject to change. Ranks Above this Line Require Application Approval
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    If all else fails follow Wil Wheaton's rules for the Internet. 1. Don't be a dick. That's it.
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    received the monitor thanks. time to install and give it a try
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    Just wanted to take a moment and give a shout out to all my friends, family and community members that are in or have been in the military. So few serve and have sacrificed so much so that so many can have the lives we enjoy today. At the very least today is a celebration to honor America's veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good. Take a moment and give thanks to someone today. Many Mouth Hugs, Happy
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    ATR Gamers is the FIRST and so far (as of 4:30 AM EST) the ONLY group to have the new high tickrate servers up and running! ATRGamers.com |HIGH TICKRATE CONQUEST #1 |60 HZ| VANILLA MAPS | ATRGamers.com |HIGH TICKRATE CONQUEST #2 |60 HZ| ALL MAPS | ATRGamers.com |HIGH TICKRATE MIXED MODE |60 HZ| VOTE MAP | ATRGamers.com |HIGH TICKRATE TDM #1 |60 HZ| VANILLA MAPS | ATRGamers.com |HIGH TICKRATE TDM #2 |60 HZ| ALL MAPS | Now we may not be able to run all servers at a higher tickrate, and we may be pushing it starting out with 5. But we're going to test this out and see how the server handles it. Get the seeders fired up! Hope we can get these filled fast today! Love, Happy
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    For the members that still need to complete the Phantom assignments to get the bow. Please let us know what you need to complete so we can help you out. here is a good guide to help out too (thanks havik2k) http://mp1st.com/2014/11/25/mp1st-reader-blog-ultimate-guide-completing-battlefield-4s-phantom-program/#.VZHzDflVhrN Phantom Prospect Score 200 kills with assault rifles Score 200 kills with main battle tanks (including the new hover tank) Get a total of 300 meter headshots Phantom Trainee Score 200 kills with any pistol Score 20 kills in a jet Get two Shotgun Ribbons in a round Phantom Initiate Get 200 kills with LMG Get 50 kills with explosives Get 25 roadkill Most of these you will get just by playing, tank kills yes you will have to grind them out, along with jet kills. And someone correct me if im wrong but each assignment must be done in order like 2 shotgun ribbons after the other 2 are done. For the ones that need help with these just let us know, feel free to post on what you need and we will help. Now alot of these can be done during popping and regular gameplay, Getting the dogtag (s) is best done while popping and we have expert dog tag hunters here too.
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    Howdy all! As the duly appointed planner in the council, I'd like to announce our next meeting...and provide plenty of time to plan for those that can make it. It will be held Sunday, 6/28 in Teamspeak. Council will meet prior to the main meeting @ 6PM EST. The main meeting will be held at 7PM EST. At 8PM EST we'll hold another ATR Member event! Your council would love to see as many people as possible at the meeting so everyone's up to date on what's going on with the BF side of the community. We also want to hear feedback from you the members on BF (and to share anything else that's going on!). I've already fielded two suggestions for an event...but if you have one you'd like to have considered, let me know. I'll give it a few days before I post the details on the Event. There will, as always, be a prize of some sort! ((BUMP))
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    Hello everyone... Your faithful council had a quick meeting last night, and as part of that, we discussed getting the May Battlefield group and ATR clan event organized. I haven't come up with the actual event yet, but I want to make sure you all have time to plan. And, because we learned that many of the WoW players are Game of Thrones fans and have Sunday evening plans, I thought we'd try to shoot for Saturday instead. Timing will be old school for the near future. But may be tweaked to allow for better attendance. Meeting will precede the event, 5pm EST. Let's shoot for our usual 9PM EST start time for the event. I know y'all are going to party it up for Memorial Day weekend, so let's rally back for this meeting and event.
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    Wow big changes since I've been gone. Waaazzzzzzz up everyone
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    Anyone running the Battlefield Seeder needs to update to this in the configuration. http://atrstats.com/api/seeder/all Full instructions can be found here: http://www.atrgamers.com/topic/3493-welcome-to-seeding-heres-how/
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    You will notice a number of our servers are currently set to official. This is TEMPORARY! There are pros and cons of course to Official. The primary reason we are electing to run them as official to start is because "Quick Play" traffic goes to those servers. So once we get the server started, they should pop themself the rest of the day. Won't always be the case, but that's the hope. And while we don't have the level of control for those servers that we would like, we do get exposure. Our spam bot running in the server, letting people know we exist and that we have servers. Directing them to these forums, our Team Speak and of course to FAVORITE the server. Then once the server is popular, we can switch it over to a ranked server, where we have the control we want, and anyone who had already Favorited the server will still see it and enjoy it. Appreciate so very much everyone that is continuing to help us with this transition. We already have a great group and amazing setup and we've only been here a week. HUGE thank you to everyone who has pitched in whether it be financially, technologically or just for coming by and saying you support us. It means the world to us and certainly makes me proud to call this my home and you all my family. Good things are coming! Events & Prizes, and hopefully some promotions are in the works. We'll be getting VIP options up, as well as server sponsors. ALSO just an FYI if you were already a VIP @ uRock that has carried over. So if you were VIP through the end of this month or next, you'll still have that. Stay tuned! Happy
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    Ok so here's my first experiment. Only took an hour for Adobe to fix it so that I can actually use the Photoshop subscription that I pay for lol! I used a font roughly similar to that used in BF4 cause someone in the ATR group chat suggested it. I can Easily change it to be the same as everything else. Let me know what you think!
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    If you haven't noticed, our BF4 servers have been empty for the past few weeks. I know most of us are more interested in other games and have grown tired of BF4. There are some that still enjoy BF4 and have tried to get others to help out. It was great when we had a resurgence of enthusiasm and got more people to play regularly, help seed/pop, and recruit new members. I would like to see that continue. We would like to hear your thoughts. I have included a poll, so if you see this please vote! Feel free to let us know if you have any other ideas. Here are my suggestions: We keep/change up our servers. Get more people to help pop regularly before playing other games. Get our Battlefield Nights back on track. Bring back member only events and meetings so we can have better communication and involvement with our members. I will be willing to head this, giggity, if no one else wants to continue. I get it, the online players aren't that of BF1, but there are still a few of the bigger clans that have all their servers full every night. Let's pull together and make BF4 great again! (oh gawd why did I say that?) I'm tagging all the Battlefield peeps, tag more if I missed anyone: @ADrunkRedneckk@asmith19323@blacklaw@CaliberKing@camley@CaptShank@Chuck_Mawhinn3y@DropShotz007@DynStatic@egandler@HappyUnholy@hondo55@JackalOsiris@Jakeatwar1@Janzstone@Kaym@kenwood720@LiveWireAddict@Mr. Lou@OONicc@phxman@Redneck@RoomBroom@scarybloodlust@The_Real_1hit@TheAvgFielder@TheRealKrobar@Xerodegreez
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    installed Sent from my SM-G930W8 using ATR Gamers mobile app
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    BF1 has finally allowed platoons to be created. All ATR members that have BF1 should connect to BF1, on the left hand side there is a new symbol for "Platoons (BETA)". Click it, Find a Platoon and enter ATR Gamers Then just apply to join that platoon and I will add you! This will give you a prefix of "ATR" just like in BF4. Love, Happy
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    ATR Gamers has purchased 5 BF1 servers to start. We can adjust this as necessary. 4 of them are East Coast. One (the hardcore) is West Coast. Right now, 2 Conquest, 1 Rush, 1 Domination and 1 Hardcore Conquest. Looking for admin and member feedback. These are subject to change, I just ordered to get them up. Each server is limited to 6 maps. So far only Conquest is allowing 64 players. Rush & Domination are being limited to 24 and we do not have an option to change that. On your server browser, search for ATR
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    How did you get a hold of my schedule?
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    Raid Times Raid start at 7:30 PM EST/Server time every Wednesday and Thursday This does not mean log on at 7:30, or still in Dalaran at 7:30. It means in raid group, in the raid instance, ready to pull trash by 7:30. Roster The first week players from previous expansion guaranteed a spot in the group, if those players stayed to the end of the last expansion. While we will not be sitting based purely on group comp, we will be trying to keep and eye on it to allow the best possible chance for boss kills. Will try to keep a good rotation of players on and off the bench, everyone who wants to play should be able to. Minimum item level for raid will be 840, if you believe you will not be able to make this by raid, please let an officer know and we will work with you. You should have also completed your class hall campaign and unlocked your third relic slot, again if you feel you will have not completed this, please speak with an officer and we will work with you. We expected everyone to be able to do mechanics, we understand that mistakes happen but recurring issues and failed mechanics will be penalized. Penalties If you are late to raid you will start the night on the bench and your spot will be filled by another raid member. Your rank in the guild, your top level dps, or your role will never guarantee you a raid spot. At no time, without permission, are you able to afk during raid. This includes "downtime" between bosses, trash, during loot, etc. The penalties for being afk; during trash, being back late from break, or other infractions are as follows. First offense: Warning Second offense: 5% EP deduction Third offense: 5% EP deduction and moved to bench As a note: You are able to be benched when the raid is not full, flex allows us to run 10-30 players. While we do not want to have to sit people we will in order to maintain a healthy and productive raid environment. Loot ATR uses an EPGP loot system for our main raid team. All players will start with an EP value of 2000 and a GP value of 100. You will need the EPGPLootmaster addon to be able to bid and receive gear. Addons ATR requires the following addons for raid, installed and at latest version; Deadly Boss Mods https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/deadly-boss-mods EPGPLootmaster https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/epgp_lootmaster EPGP https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/epgp-dkp-reloaded Logs Players will be expected to perform to a minimum standard in the logs. This will not be enacted for the first few weeks. Once reliable logs have been established we will be looking at the percentile in which players are currently ranking. For your class, spec, and item level you will be expected to be in the 40th percentile. This allows raiders to be below average for the spec and item level combined, this is a reasonable expectation and we do not foresee anyone failing to meet this standard. In Raid Behavior We will be monitoring the level on conversation in raid this expansion. We are not trying to stop the fun, or keep from people enjoying themselves. Still, any bullying or overly negative attitudes will not be tolerated. Feedback is welcome, and we fully support constructive criticism, but telling someone they suck and need to "git gud" is not acceptable. Speaking of speaking in raid, we all enjoy the chatter during trash, to an extent, and everyone likes to have a great time. During boss attempts however, talking should be left to raid leaders and those designated for call outs. When we have too many cooks in the kitchen it can cause chaos and ultimately lead to more wipes and more disgruntled players. Repeated infractions can and will lead to the previous listed penalties. Rules are subject to change. Notice will be given when they are. CHANGE LOG September 19th 2016: Added "In Raid Behavior" Section.
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    This is what i get when i Google it in 'Merica
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    With the closure of =U= Rock earlier this week members of the Battlefield clan have joined forces with All That Remàins
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    Hello Gamers! Wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a Happy New Years and to say thank you for being apart of ATR Gamers. We've seen our membership grow greatly this year with the addition of our Battlefield 4 group to our ranks. Faster servers, more games being offered, more events and prizes. Big thank you to those that have donated their time and/or money to help make this group a success. As some of you know we make great effort at trying to be as transparent as possible with what money is coming in and going out, from who and where to. As part of that we wanted to take the extra step of actually becoming a registered organization and becoming exempt from federal income tax. I'm proud to announce that I received notice from the Internal Revenue Service today that our application and paperwork was accepted and we are now a registered 501 (c) (7) organization, technically a "Social Club" https://www.irs.gov/Charities-&-Non-Profits/Other-Non-Profits/Social-Clubs. No, your donations are not tax deductible lol. But it is a big step for our group, makes us more legitimate and will help us with our future endeavors. For example it will make us stand out a lot more while seeking sponsors for our upcoming LAN event. It should also make all of you more comfortable, knowing we are putting the work in, we are here to stay and any donation is for ATR Gamers only, and not going to pay for a family vacation. Anyway, just wanted to share as I thought this was some exciting news. Thank you again everyone and I'm sure this year will be even bigger for us! Love, Happy
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    CaliberKing won the drawing for December, and asked me instead to donate the $$ that would have been spent on the game to the server support costs.
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    Hello, fellow members, as you may or may have not noticed I have not been on Teamspeak or BF4 for the last couple of days as I've been overwhelmed with college at the moment , but fear not once the dust settles I'll be back on again. See you in a few days. Thanks for reading.
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    Hey! All you shooters, drivers, pilots!!! Save the date on your calendar 8PM EST for the Meeting. 9PM For the event! We're going with a member suggestion for the event. And sorry, no, it's not LOST TDM DEFIBS ONLY... I'm calling this one...Click, Click, BOOM! Get ready to test your bolt action sniping skills. Accurate but slow? Quick shot but need to dial it in? Let's see who can get the best bang for their bullets. C4 will be placed for snipers to explode. The shots will be difficult, but not painfully so. Firestorm, using the tower, has been suggested, though I'm willing to entertain other thoughts. Shots fired and time will be used to score. (complete math to be posted here once I have it) And thanks to @The_Real_1hit for the event suggestion.
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    Set your calendars boys and girls! 8/1 at 8PM EST we'll be having our monthly BF4 meeting. We'll be following that up at 9PM with our event! Bring your body and any topics you would like to discuss. The event is going to be Jetski races around Lumphini Garden! Grab a friend and leave the other guys in your wake! The river around the central part of the map will serve as your ticket to fame and glory as you take two laps. Each jetski will be allowed a driver and a rider. The first lap will be for position with no combat, the second lap is for all the marbles. The rider may use the 93R (with any attachments you like and may deploy ammo packs). I suggest you both equip both in your kit, so that if one is shot out, the other may continue the race until the dead player redeploys. First team to finish both laps, or to eliminate both players on the other ski (leaving it empty) will win. Again, no shooting on the first lap, free fire with 93R only on the second lap. We will hold rounds with winners advancing until one team is crowned king. Please be on time and ready to ride as these bracketed events can take a little longer than a standard round of Domination or TDM. Be sure to join us for the shenanigans, wakes, splashing and crashing!
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    Apparently Dice is altering parts of Dragon Valley so when selected for TDM the area that is played, will play like Noshahr. video helps explain it a little bit explanation starts at 1:59 If this is true, could be good news.
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    WOOOHOOO i made it!!
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    Make it good people, I will get the winners logo tattooed on me.
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    We are running no lag servers. For this to happen we have set a ping limit of 160. The same rules for ping will abide.
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    buen hecho Happy! well done. well said. I'm looking forward to seeing where we all go from here. Bring on the madness!
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    As you have seen our servers, while still taking a while to pop, are getting easier to pop. All but two servers are currently Ranked, meaning we have full control and need admins. The two that are currently official (Little Rush and Conquest Small) will soon be switched to Ranked as well. So we are going to be looking for individuals to promote into an Admin role. Individuals that were previously an admin will be given first look. While requirements to be an admin are mostly unchanged from what you're used to, there is one important change: Admins are REQUIRED to either populate or be running a seeder during the morning/afternoon time frame. Admins that can be active in playing/popping of course during these times are preferred. But at the very least, like the directors, we want you seeding. Beyond this we will look at past admin history, look at if new training needs to be done. Also, it should be no surprise that we're going to look at how you transitioned from the old group to this new one and if there was ever any question where loyalties were. This is to protect our group more than anything. Trust can be rebuilt absolutely. If you were not previously an admin, you aren't necessarily excluded, but those individuals will be given the most opportunity. We are looking for people over 18, who have been with us at least a month and who have shown a maturity on TS and in game. Being rational when looking at a player, going and looking up stats instead of hackuzations will be considered. We also expect Admins to be active on forums and of course in Team Speak. So old or new, post and let us know if you are interested. We will be evaluating people over the next week or two, especially in regards to seeding or popping during the day. So I'd recommend checking out the seeding threads if you aren't already doing that. Questions? Let me know! Love, Happy
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    LEGENDARIES~! We all get them. Or not. Or we have three. Or we got two in one night. At the very least, we see people get them. How should we act when legendaries come into play? What should I do if I get one? Be happy, be grateful, equip it and have fun but don't gloat. Rubbing it in the faces of other people who don't have one is rude and sparks fights. But I don't like the one I got... It's rare (and so far I haven't seen an example in our group) that a legendary is so poorly itemized that it would be better to keep what you have. Equip them and use them because even if it only benefits your survivabiliy, that means there is a higher chance you won't die. Thus, it does improve your DPS/Heals/Tanking because you can't do shit when you're dead. I want to get a second one! If you already have one but you want a second one, that's okay to want it but don't endlessly talk about wanting one. Some people don't even have one yet despite playing countless hours in raids and Mythic + dungeons. Frankly, constantly complaining about your legendary being "terrible" or wanting a second one that's actually "good" is excessively rude, obnoxious, and the raiding environment is not the appropriate place to whine that your shiny golden legendary isn't that shiny. Everyone keeps getting them and I don't have any! How come they got two in one night?! It's okay to be jealous you don't have one yet, that's normal to want something you don't have, but don't let it consume you and turn you into an asshole. Don't yell at people to getting legendaries because it helps the raid team and therefore helps you advance further in the raids. Don't yell in teamspeak, period. Don't make people feel bad for getting a legendary and don't endlessly harp about how pathetic your item level is because it doesn't have a legendary boosting it. But I don't have one. Eventually you will. Quit whining or the officers will have to punish you for causing a disturbance during raid. If you want to make a post on the forums to openly bitch about your bad luck and how great others are, go ahead, just don't attack anyone and keep the whining out of raid. I can only imagine how incredibly frustrating this would be to endure it for the full raid night. I'm only present for the last hour of most raids and even I am beginning to tire of this behavior... Maybe the officers won't agree with every point I made, but at the very least there needs to be some guidelines with legendaries because they are becoming a source of argument when they should just be a source of happiness that the raid team and people are getting such sweet loot. I'm not talking about specific people here, I'm actually talking about a fair portion of the raid team. Most people are being civil about them and a little idle chatter regarding them is fine, but others complain and keep complaining, which causes disturbances in the raid environment, and that is just plain unacceptable.
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    I Should be on this weekend. We can also probably get SSi to help with Hardline this weekend.
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    Hello everyone... Many if not most of you don't know me, but have likely seen my ugly mug next to a post or three in the last week. I'm one of the council members for the Battlefield group, and we'd like to make sure than any of the WoW guild members who are interested know what's going on in that side of the world. As such...if you are interested and have the time free, 5/30/15 will be our meeting night for May. Meeting (5PM EST): We'll likely discuss the state of affairs on the servers, talk about potential changes, or issues that have come up (...insert humor here...), a few reminders for members and reminders for the event Event (9PM EST): I haven't come up with the actual event yet, but I want to make sure you all have time to plan. And, because we learned that many of the WoW players are Game of Thrones fans and have Sunday evening plans, I thought we'd try to shoot for Saturday instead. If you're coming, please show up a few minutes early, so we can review/clarify any rules and answer questions. Timing will continue to be old school for the near future. But may be tweaked to allow for better attendance. I know y'all are going to party it up for Memorial Day weekend, so let's rally back for this meeting and event.
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