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    All your fancy game badge plug0-ins might not work but I think there silly anyway.
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    I've been using Discord for when I am not playing the same game as all the rest of you. I've had it set up for...gosh...a long time now, I don't remember, but prior to when this thread first started. The chat is super nice, I use it on my phone so I can check in with friends about playing games later when I'm at work and stuff. Resources, like Mastric, why would I have less than 32gb of RAM? As a benefit, many people use it and are in channels for popular streamers or other gaming communities and it's little work to have them click the button to join our server. Pro tip: Make a permanent link that can be posted on the ATR site for people to join our server.
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    I think its time we re-visit Discord, lot of time has passed and I think it will work better than Team Speak. I am currently using and liking Discord. Let the Discussion Begin..!
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