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    received the monitor thanks. time to install and give it a try
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    If you haven't noticed, our BF4 servers have been empty for the past few weeks. I know most of us are more interested in other games and have grown tired of BF4. There are some that still enjoy BF4 and have tried to get others to help out. It was great when we had a resurgence of enthusiasm and got more people to play regularly, help seed/pop, and recruit new members. I would like to see that continue. We would like to hear your thoughts. I have included a poll, so if you see this please vote! Feel free to let us know if you have any other ideas. Here are my suggestions: We keep/change up our servers. Get more people to help pop regularly before playing other games. Get our Battlefield Nights back on track. Bring back member only events and meetings so we can have better communication and involvement with our members. I will be willing to head this, giggity, if no one else wants to continue. I get it, the online players aren't that of BF1, but there are still a few of the bigger clans that have all their servers full every night. Let's pull together and make BF4 great again! (oh gawd why did I say that?) I'm tagging all the Battlefield peeps, tag more if I missed anyone: @ADrunkRedneckk@asmith19323@blacklaw@CaliberKing@camley@CaptShank@Chuck_Mawhinn3y@DropShotz007@DynStatic@egandler@HappyUnholy@hondo55@JackalOsiris@Jakeatwar1@Janzstone@Kaym@kenwood720@LiveWireAddict@Mr. Lou@OONicc@phxman@Redneck@RoomBroom@scarybloodlust@The_Real_1hit@TheAvgFielder@TheRealKrobar@Xerodegreez
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    installed Sent from my SM-G930W8 using ATR Gamers mobile app
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    BF1 has finally allowed platoons to be created. All ATR members that have BF1 should connect to BF1, on the left hand side there is a new symbol for "Platoons (BETA)". Click it, Find a Platoon and enter ATR Gamers Then just apply to join that platoon and I will add you! This will give you a prefix of "ATR" just like in BF4. Love, Happy
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    Greetings everyone, With the release of patch 8.2 last Tuesday, the new raid is approaching quickly and will open on July 9th. This means that it is now time to plan the roster for the tier. Please post here or let an officer know if you plan to be raiding with us for this tier. As always with new tiers, rerolls are allowed, but priority on roles will be given to people who want to maintain the role they had in the previous tier. Looking forward to seeing you in the raid group! Raid Leader Mort
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    Greetings everyone! With the Battle of Dazar'alor raid releasing tomorrow, I thought I'd make a post so you guys know what to expect. As always with a new raid tier, we are likely to have returning players or some people who might want to switch to another character. There is no absolutely no problem with that, but keep in mind the following : Priority will be given to people who want to maintain the role they had in the last tier. The character you pick should be geared enough that it won't hinder progression for the rest of the group. With normal dropping 385 gear, returning players or new characters should aim to be at least 365 in order to be allowed in the group for progression. This should be easily achievable with the catchup mechanics in place. Keep in mind the Darkshore warfront gear will go up when the raid unlocks, as well as M+ ilvl rewards, which makes it even easier. As usual, we will be starting with normal difficulty, and move onto heroic once we've cleared it. We'll keep clearing normal until we're far enough into heroic that there is no gear someone needs in normal that they couldn't get from our heroic kills. If you would like to watch the fights on video beforehand, Wowhead has a great guide with video for every bosses based on PTR footage. Keep in mind it is not required for you to watch those, as I will have strategies prepared for every boss, but you are encouraged to get familiar with the fights if you want to. If you have any questions, leave them below and I'll answer them as soon as possible. See you in raid! Raid leader Mort
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    With the closure of our BF4 servers, this has led to a huge resource lost to bring in new members and a way to grow the ATR community. Part of the reason is that BF4 has lost its vigor due to its age. BF1 which we thought would’ve been the next chapter in our BF lineage failed to capture where the BF4 game and community left off. Because of this and the rise of PUBG, BF will not be the way we will be able to grow our community. What we need help with is some input from our current community members. What are some games you would like to see a bigger interest in from the community? What are the current games that you are playing? Mainly we want to see where the interest is and where we can focus on bringing in more members who enjoy the same games as what we like to play or future games that we could be looking forward to playing.
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    Im looking to play OverWatch, GTA5, and CSGO. These games have a big following/community. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks! -OONicc
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    lols this made my morning. That and him thinking we filter "honky".
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    The Rock Against MS Foundation joins forces with LANFest- bringing a unique gaming experience to the: THE 7th ANNUAL ROCK AGAINST MS BENEFIT CONCERT & AWARD SHOW AT THE HISTORIC LOS ANGELES THEATRE SATURDAY, MARCH 30, 2019 LIVE: Saturday March 30th 3pm to 7pm PST on TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/lanfest HOLLYWOOD (March 7, 2019) – This year’s Rock Against MS Benefit Concert & Award Show has a newly added unique experience bringing in the wild world of hi-tech celebrity gamers. The new joint venture with gaming event producers, LANFest, is bringing in an experience that is unique for gamers and people who love to watch, while raising money for charity. RAMS and LANFest are pairing up celebrity streamers and celebrity rockstars to create fun filled gaming experience to raise money to build the first ROCK HOUSE MS resource center. “LANFest is excited to connect the gaming community and music community to raise money for MS” explains Katie Briggs, President of LANFest. “We have a strong passion around creating unique gaming experiences that give back to local and national charities.” We are engaging four (4) to eight (8) Rockstar celebrities to play against celebrity streamers. There will be four (4) pods of ten computers, which the gamers have the opportunity to bid on seats to play against these celebrities in person ….. Or you can tune in to the LANFest TWITCH channel (https://www.twitch.tv/lanfest) and watch all the action and concert LIVE! Viewers can also donate, for the charity, to their favorite Rockstar or celebrity streamer making them work all the more harder at winning, while they discuss pizza and talk smack! The concert headline is Rock Hall of Fame and GRAMMY award winning legendary drummer of the Ramones: Marky Ramone and his band Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg featuring punk icon Greg Hetson (Circle Jerks/Bad Religion) with original members from Guns N’ Roses and more rockstars also hitting the stage!! Hosted by comedians Hal Sparks and Debra Wilson (MADtv). So tune in on Saturday March 30th, from 3:00 to 7:00 pm PST on TWITCH (https://www.twitch.tv/lanfest). The celebrity names and auction for the seats will be announced in one week!! Stay Tuned!!! VENUE: The Los Angeles Theatre 615 S. Broadway @ 6th Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90014 PRE-SALE TIX: General - $35 VIP w/M&G Package - $125 *** Please email to reserve Wheelchair seating at info@rockagainstMS.org SHOWTIMES: Doors for All 6:00/ Celebrity Orange Carpet 6:00/ VIP Theatre Access M&G 6:00 / Public Theatre entry 7:00/ Show 8:00 BUY ONLINE NOW: Purchase – http://rockagainstms2019.eventbrite.com SPONSORS: LANFest, Metal Blade Records, Schecter Guitars, Guitar Center, Evans, Promark, D’addario, SIR Studios, NAIMIES, Stella Rosa Wine, Wedgie Picks, Tour Bus Live, The Los Angeles Theatre, Just Right Productions For more show information go to: https://www.facebook.com/RockAgainstMSFoundation/ http://www.rockagainstms.org/ https://lanfest.intel.com/ http://www.markyramone.com/ https://greghetson.com/ http://www.richardpryor.com/ https://www.halsparks.com/
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    ATR Gamers is happy to announce that ATRLAN has joined Intel LANFest as a member chapter. This move grants us the ability to share and access resources with LAN Party events nationwide. Additionally ATRLAN 2019 will be held August 15th to 18th at the Hilton Garden Inn in Troy, NY. More information to come Soon™.
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    Hello again friends it's your friendly neighborhood electric rat at it again! For those who are new or have never done this before, I run an annual secret Santa within the guild. Be you from World of Warcraft, Battlefield, Or beyond there is something for you! Past years we have seen everything from Gift-cards to Headphones. Post below if you are interested in participating and i will hand out names on Tuesday December 4th. If you need addresses or anything for your giftee let me know! Happy Holidays ATR!
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    I will be there on either my druid lock priest or hunter maybe all 4 oh wait forgot the pally hmm guess thats 5
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    the old man #2 is gonna come back someone has to keep old man #1 goose inline
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    Congrats on the kill guys! Yes, I do not know how cameras work. I suck at screenshot.
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    We at ATR Gamers would like to wish all members and gamers a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays. Stay safe this Holiday and we'll see you in Azeroth, Erangel, and Aberration in the New Year!
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    Most of you know by now that me and a few others have been working on a new BF4DB. Today is launch day and we are live! Still a few things to work out but feel free to check it out and report any hackers. http://bf4db.com
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    Purchase a Raffle Ticket for a Chance to Win a AOC G2460PG 24" 1ms (GTG) 144 Hz Gaming Monitor Drawing will be completed shortly after all tickets are sold via random.org generator. This drawing is open to the US & Canada, if you're not in the US or Canada contact us for eligibility for your country. This is also open to all, you do not have to be a member to win!!! $5.00 US per ticket. At the time of this only 37 tickets remain. Link To Raffle
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    Whoa, that was quick. I didn't even get a shipping email.
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    The ATR Gamers 2017 Apparel is here, just in time for the school year! This year we have LOTS of different styles and colors to choose from. We also have a new option in glassware, and the option for custom embroidered items. You'll find every item available for order in our store, items marked 'ATR 2017' will ship at the end of August. As such we would like to get all items orders in by the end of July! Shipping is available to both US & Canada, shipping to other countries available on request. If you are interested in an embroidered item let me know. https://www.atrgamers.com/store/category/4-atr-branded-merchandise/
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    Lets see if i can remember who was on last night. @OONicc @Kushems @SugahFree @Nerita @Mythosaur @Kaym @Smerffy @Xerodegreez @UnskilledRecruit @Varibash And while we can only do missions with 2, 4 or 8 people. If we have more we can play custom game mods like races, stunts, etc. So i'll include some old bodies. @Lyntha @Iammoot @kansir @Chuck_Mawhinn3y @Imcute
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    Gaming with friends always makes a gaming better. A lot of us still play World of Warcraft weekly because of that.
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    PubG current heavily invested game. Probably will be for a long time. Good place to grow ATR's community with so many people playing. Quake Champions - will be another I'm hoping to spend a lot of time on. I did play a lot of Overwatch but it sucked running solo. Played a lot of it on console and it was my main game once I got my PC. Would love to get back into it because it is a huge team driven game and I like that. The community in the game is pretty large too. Battlefront 2 - looks good! Better than the first. I hope it does good. I'll dabble in there because, Star Wars 😁 Destiny 2 - I'm still iffy on this one simply because the way the first game was handled over time kind of ruined it for me. The game is fun with friends. Id gladly jump back in with ATR. The game has a big following and tons of potential to grow the ATR community through this game. These are the only ones that come to mind atm.
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    soooooooo.... when do we go back to red and black? asking for a friend
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    You can see in the logs he's never used the !report tool, and he's just constant hackuzations. There were even admins in the server while he was playing.
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    Changes are coming. With donations and interest down we already trimmed down to 4 servers instead of 6. One of those 4 we're going to be trying some things on, including Canals.
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    Although the new BF1 has gotten me interested again in that game I still like playing BF4. The Tuesday/Thursday BF4 nights were a blast playing with everyone the few times I've been able to attend and I think if that kind of thing were to resume we could get servers popped, get to know and attract new members. That being said I voted for reducing BF4 servers and increasing ticket counts as changing things up a little never hurts when trying to draw a crowd. Also, maybe have a CQB map with no explosives? As far as BF1 goes we do have a server but there never seems to be anyone playing. Maybe have separate BF4 and BF1 "party" nights?
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    iu would like to see a 24/7 the boat server with shotguns
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    Seems like the servers that are full are 24/7 servers. I don't think any are at 60hz, most are 30/40hz. Quite a few officials are full, but half of those aren't more than 24 players. So maybe reduce the number of servers and increase tickrate to be different. Maybe make a 24/7 server either Metro or Lockers. Not sure what else can be done at this point.
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    It would certainly help to set the default map for the Conquest 64P server to Locker or Metro. I think Locker is one of the most popular maps and when there are only 15 people on the server, Silk Road is a pain in the ... . Locker or Metro are still good fun with 15 people.
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    Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday Nights. Come out and join us in BF4. Everyone is welcome. We normally populate our 6 servers and when we get to the Mixed Mode Server we play any Game Mode / Map you guys want to play. Bring your Drinks, Vape-nation and your GPU only using 5%. See you all tonight -OONicc Sent from my iPhone using ATR Gamers mobile app
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    Already missing some bf1 and still a week out. Least the view isn't bad Sent from my SM-G930V using ATR Gamers mobile app
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    WoW, that's a lot of anger coming from one guy. He should just disable chat.
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    https://bfadmin.atrgamers.com/chatlogs?pid=180427 It was just a temp ban. But if anyone wants to make it perm, no argument here.
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    Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks for the opportunity. Opening Statement: I’d like to start by saying that as a more family-oriented guild there is definitely a more relaxed approach to raiding. We are not going to be pushing Mythics aggressively and we really do not require the sort of micromanagement/statistics tracking that that would normally entail. That being said, I would like to get us into Mythic level raiding eventually and I will outline what I feel is the best approach to do so under these conditions. I understand that instituting a bunch of new rules/conditions may seem harsh at first but I promise it is not as bad as it sounds. We already do most of these. As your raid leader, I will do my best to facilitate a fun and effective environment so we can defeat all current content and get the fancy loot. Please review the following expectations/guidelines for the raid. Any questions/comments/concerns are more than welcome. Raid Expectations/Guidelines: Timeliness – It is important that we use our time effectively. We raid 2 nights a week and those nights have got to be utilized to the maximum. We do not want to waste anyone’s time. -Raid will start promptly at 7:30pm EST regardless of attendance (at least until we push a 20-man Mythic team). -Raid will continue regardless of any one individual’s quest completion. Please use the scheduled break to wrap up any quests. -Ensure when break is complete, you are in a READY TO PULL status. This means food, flask, and present for the Return from Break ready check. If you need a summon, petition for one BEFORE the break ends. If not available, please arrive by any means necessary. Readiness – It is every raid member’s responsibility to understand the fights of the raid we are doing. In addition, it is also considerate to other raid member’s to be as prepared as possible. -Watch boss strategy videos. I prefer YouTube channel Line of Sight Gaming as it is quick and concise. For heroic raiding, this is more than sufficient. Mythic will require more of course. -Have flasks/food/consumables ready BEFORE the raid in addition to any enchants/gems. If you do upgrade gear mid-raid, please wait until the scheduled break to apply enchants/gems. -Utilize DBM/BigWigs. The timers are so critical to our success and this information should not need to be called out. The most effective way to follow along with the addon is to increase the bar size and the notification text size. Performance – It is one thing to say we want more difficult content. It is an entirely different matter when you show you want more difficult content. Show me you want Mythic and that’s when we will get there. -I expect individual raid members to constantly push themselves to be the best they can at their job. Some examples of this include: Tanks will need to understand how to effectively utilize cooldowns/abilities based on incoming damage. Healers will need to learn how to manage cooldowns to effectively heal the raid and work together so that multiple cooldowns aren’t wasted. DPS will need to work on their rotation and apply any utility when necessary. Everyone should learn fight mechanics and strategy, including positioning, phase changes, DPS/lust cooldown usage. -Everyone should be trying to assist other raid members in this regard. Examples: Assist people through their optimal DPS rotations as well as gearing up stat priority. Healers should be communicating about spell utilization, Tanks should be discussing optimal positioning, etc. Any individual improvement makes the raid better, just like a new piece of gear. Behavior – We need a like-minded group that is respectful and courteous to each other. We must also be willing to communicate our differences. -Please refrain from personal attacks on other raid members. Any grievance should be reported privately to myself if raid related or officers if it is personal. No egregious/aggressive behavior will be tolerated. -Channels will remain open for socializing during trash pulls unless otherwise indicated. After ready check for boss, please keep channels clear for fight specific communications. -Please keep all criticism for raid strategy constructive. I’m more than willing to hear out any alternative strategies/methods. New Raid Team!: In order to implement these new expectations/guidelines, I would like to start up a raid team. This will allow us to better facilitate an effective raid environment and delegate responsibilities. If you are interested in one of the positions, please reply to this post or contact me via message (forum or in game). -Raid Assist – Works with me in the overall execution of the raid, including raid calls, strategy decisions, time management, loot distribution. Essentially this is already being done by Mastric. I’m assuming a director will cover this one. Healer Lead – Facilitates healer assignments and healer specific strategy. Assist healers with rotations/performance/gearing strategy. Relays information to me regarding healer effectiveness and performance. DPS Lead(s) – Assist with any specific DPS requirements for raid encounters. Assists DPS with rotations/performance/gearing strategy. Relays information regarding DPS effectiveness and performance. If you made it this far, excellent! Thank you again for reading this. I have some additional ideas I would like to eventually implement but that will be discussed at a later time. I hope everyone is on board and we can get back to some kickass raiding! -Rugburn/Papabehr/Pooh Bear
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    due to a conversion that i had tonight with someone. i want to bring every ATR member and guest up to date. we DO NOT want to turn anyone away from playing with us. we are a very causal group of gamers. that get on and play when life allows. if that means that you can only get on once a week or month or every couple of months. we dont care. if your at the bottom of the scoreboard. so what. we accept everyone who is a decent person no matter what your skill level. (at least for battlefield, dont know much about wow, so cant speak for them, but i am sure that is much the same.) what i do mostly want to say. is that we do give good natured ribbing. i DONT want anyone to take that personally. if you feel that the jokes that are said in teamspeak are a problem please contact an admin in that channel and we will do everything, including ban people if needed, to make you feel comfortable enough to play on our servers or with or group. we are always looking for new and old players to join teamspeak and have a good time. we DONT want anybody to feel bullied or unwelcome. also if your an admin or just a player, please post if you have anything to add. thanks
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    Almost there. Got new power supply, video card, SSD drive, re-installed windows just working on downloading.....
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    (x) I don't care what we do, I'm here for the team
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    Snuck into raid just to photobomb the kill pic.
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    The Colored Museum is the first production we're doing that I am a stage manager for. The second production is American Idiot but I don't necessarily plan to do much for that one.
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    WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER @Snakedbd let me know if the address we have on file for you is correct. https://www.random.org/draws/details/?draw=52673
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    Don't know if there is raid this week, but if there is I won't be available Tomorrow I'm going to see a play with my great uncle and Thursday I'm heading to Snug's place so... blame him.
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    I hopped on Saturday when there were 9 players on with seeders included. Not an hour later the 32 Conquest was full. We can absolutely make it happen with at least one server. Friday night as well. I was on last night with a full server. ATR still can thrive on BF4. Please, please do not shut all of our servers down.
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    Or the Canals map? Don't see that one anymore and I thought it was a favorite.
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    I've started to mull it over and I've come to the conclusion I really can't raid right now even partially. Being honest with myself right now and what I'm trying to work through that I am not physically or mentally healthy at that moment. I'm trying to deal with an all-but-physically abusive professor that's messing with my head and gaslighting me (who unfortunately is the professor of my capstone class and therefore has a strong hand in whether or not I'll pass the major).. speaking of which I have to create a large body of work for that capstone that will require a minimum of 20 hours a week outside of class to complete in time.. stage management of a devised play written by the ensemble is 3x more work than a normal show and I wasn't really expecting that.. one of my peers/coworker has decided I should be her scapegoat for everything that ever goes wrong, which is making daily life difficult and borderline unsafe due to her anger issues, which from a recent email I got from her is going to make things A LOT worse.. grandfather is still dead and I don't have the time to go through the grieving process normally and keep having episodes of depression.. then the conferences, theatre competitions, job applications, class and homework I just.. can't.. right now. I'm not even in a good enough mental state to try and wrap my head around how many people have left raid or the guild or any of that without having another breakdown. I'm hardly eating or sleeping but I do have friends that will remind me to do that occasionally when they remember. I'm going to see counseling services if at the very least to see if they know what to do about my professor. When this semester is over or when the play is over I'll re-evaluate things to see if they're any better and if I can come back to raid but at the moment it's too daunting to think about. I'll be online here and there. I do seem to be enjoying the occasional Hearthstone game even though my cards are barely above the basic sets so you'll probably see me sometimes playing that but otherwise I doubt I'll be online in WoW at all. Sorry guys.
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    http://procon.atrgamers.com/Seeder/deploy.html Install, if Windows pops up and says warning/risk. Hit the "More Info" link and choose to run anyway. It may do this twice. Once application opens, go to the "User" tab, enter your e-mail and password that you use for Battlelog. Mark "Auto Login" and hit Login Now if it hasn't already logged you in. Once the button "Start Seeding" lights up, click it and you should be good. You can click on the "Browser" tab to see what it is doing in the background. Basically it logs you into the battlefield site, opens up the battlefield server that needs popped next, and clicks join server for you. Issues let us know. We haven't done any updates to this for some time, so bound to be bugs. Will revisit updates probably about the same time that BF1 comes up and we need to make this work with that Happy
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    Origin is blindluckier, I play both BF4 and BF1, mostly only on during hte weekends. Send me a friend request.
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