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    received the monitor thanks. time to install and give it a try
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    BF1 has finally allowed platoons to be created. All ATR members that have BF1 should connect to BF1, on the left hand side there is a new symbol for "Platoons (BETA)". Click it, Find a Platoon and enter ATR Gamers Then just apply to join that platoon and I will add you! This will give you a prefix of "ATR" just like in BF4. Love, Happy
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    With the closure of our BF4 servers, this has led to a huge resource lost to bring in new members and a way to grow the ATR community. Part of the reason is that BF4 has lost its vigor due to its age. BF1 which we thought would’ve been the next chapter in our BF lineage failed to capture where the BF4 game and community left off. Because of this and the rise of PUBG, BF will not be the way we will be able to grow our community. What we need help with is some input from our current community members. What are some games you would like to see a bigger interest in from the community? What are the current games that you are playing? Mainly we want to see where the interest is and where we can focus on bringing in more members who enjoy the same games as what we like to play or future games that we could be looking forward to playing.
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    We at ATR Gamers would like to wish all members and gamers a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays. Stay safe this Holiday and we'll see you in Azeroth, Erangel, and Aberration in the New Year!
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    Most of you know by now that me and a few others have been working on a new BF4DB. Today is launch day and we are live! Still a few things to work out but feel free to check it out and report any hackers. http://bf4db.com
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    soooooooo.... when do we go back to red and black? asking for a friend
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    WoW, that's a lot of anger coming from one guy. He should just disable chat.
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    Almost there. Got new power supply, video card, SSD drive, re-installed windows just working on downloading.....
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    We've been progressing but failing to post kill shots, so here is some new ones! Onward to Eternal Palace kills!
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    Grats on the MOTHER kill team! Here's a picture of us.
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    Ayyy its ya boi Fdragon. Retpaladin dps unless for some reason we have a truck load of melee dps again this xpac and need ranged ill level the hunter if need be.
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    Got any room for an ultra casual shadow priest? Thinking about dusting my account off after a year hiatus from the game.
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    You are encouraged to do whatever you need to do to enjoy the game and have fun, and if it means you are moving your main elsewhere to raid with other people, there's absolutely no problem with that. You did so in a very civil manner and as such you will always be welcome should you want to come back. As a side note, if you'd like to keep your talk permissions in TS, just let us know which of your alts you want us to promote to the "Friends and family" rank. Best of luck with your new group, and hop by anytime if you want to play WoW or any other game with us.
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    Snuck into raid just to photobomb the kill pic.
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    So I started a new job today, 2/1, and for the next month i will be late for raid as I get off work when raid starts. Should only be about 30 min late, but that can change depending on traffic.
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    So I feel ignorant, apparently I formatted the usb and don’t remember doing it. I got to work this morning and figured out that the media creation tool wasn’t on the usb drive is why I was receiving the error. Reinstalling Windows now hopefully the issue will be fixed. Sent from my iPad using ATR Gamers
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    I've been using Discord for when I am not playing the same game as all the rest of you. I've had it set up for...gosh...a long time now, I don't remember, but prior to when this thread first started. The chat is super nice, I use it on my phone so I can check in with friends about playing games later when I'm at work and stuff. Resources, like Mastric, why would I have less than 32gb of RAM? As a benefit, many people use it and are in channels for popular streamers or other gaming communities and it's little work to have them click the button to join our server. Pro tip: Make a permanent link that can be posted on the ATR site for people to join our server.
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    Don't know if there is raid this week, but if there is I won't be available Tomorrow I'm going to see a play with my great uncle and Thursday I'm heading to Snug's place so... blame him.
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    no you won't, new raid content means you belong to them. don't try and kid yourself.
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    I'd advise against it at this time. We're already a bit fragmented, and we're not going to just hard switch to a different voip app. So dragging half the community to discord to maybe get more pubg people in seems like a bad idea for the community as a whole.
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    Our discord is still up, and every time I attempt to use any discord I switch to text chat only. I've yet to run in to any discord people who've setup there Mic correctly, or even use the desktop client. Hell most of the discords I'm in are for text chat only . So put simply if we switched to discord I'm sure most people would just stop talking all together.
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    Appreciate the input so far. Definitely hoping some more people throw in their feedback!
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    I think @OONicc has been doing a good job with this
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    This is what happens when you leave @skulls alone in a server...
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    As it stands due to lack of interest by members and admins we may discontinue BF4 and focus on our other games once these servers come up for renewal in mid-May. Dropping to a single server is also an option, but if we're only popping it twice a week seems like a drain on the community. We'll see how the next week plays out, and we'll have some more discussions and a decision Monday 5/8 in the evening. Regardless though, ATR Gamers isn't going anywhere. Plenty of members still have an interest in BF1, Playerunknown, MC, ARK, WOW, GTA and other games. So the community lives on lol
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    Or the Canals map? Don't see that one anymore and I thought it was a favorite.
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    I've started to mull it over and I've come to the conclusion I really can't raid right now even partially. Being honest with myself right now and what I'm trying to work through that I am not physically or mentally healthy at that moment. I'm trying to deal with an all-but-physically abusive professor that's messing with my head and gaslighting me (who unfortunately is the professor of my capstone class and therefore has a strong hand in whether or not I'll pass the major).. speaking of which I have to create a large body of work for that capstone that will require a minimum of 20 hours a week outside of class to complete in time.. stage management of a devised play written by the ensemble is 3x more work than a normal show and I wasn't really expecting that.. one of my peers/coworker has decided I should be her scapegoat for everything that ever goes wrong, which is making daily life difficult and borderline unsafe due to her anger issues, which from a recent email I got from her is going to make things A LOT worse.. grandfather is still dead and I don't have the time to go through the grieving process normally and keep having episodes of depression.. then the conferences, theatre competitions, job applications, class and homework I just.. can't.. right now. I'm not even in a good enough mental state to try and wrap my head around how many people have left raid or the guild or any of that without having another breakdown. I'm hardly eating or sleeping but I do have friends that will remind me to do that occasionally when they remember. I'm going to see counseling services if at the very least to see if they know what to do about my professor. When this semester is over or when the play is over I'll re-evaluate things to see if they're any better and if I can come back to raid but at the moment it's too daunting to think about. I'll be online here and there. I do seem to be enjoying the occasional Hearthstone game even though my cards are barely above the basic sets so you'll probably see me sometimes playing that but otherwise I doubt I'll be online in WoW at all. Sorry guys.
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    To summarize, things got a lot worse, but then they got spontaneously better. Due to factors out of my control, work that I should have had the full semester to do was crammed into the second half for my art capstone. Ended up on a schedule working 31 hours a week trying to finish it (along with 5 classes and a 15 hour job) and reached a point of mental and physical exhaustion that was becoming life threatening. But, worked it out with the college, so now I'm a part-time student (only in 2 classes) and will be returning in the fall as my last semester to finish my double degree. I'll have the summer off to relax and take care of myself to improve my health from where it currently is. So overall I'm doing a lot better now. The theatre show I'm stage managing is in production right now so that's taking up my time and energy. A few bumps but still going well. I may return to raiding soon but I'm not sure when it would be. Could be next week or could be a while still. Just wanted to let you guys know that things are going well now.
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    Everyone is just in BF1 right now because of the dlc, happened with Hardline way back when. A couple of us do try and play 4, but with the LAN and the seeders offline during that time, it's kind of sucked trying to fill a server by yourself, especially when everyone is either in BF1 or ARK. I'd say try cutting a few bf4 and make them BF1 if that's where everyone is going to be for now, everyone seems to be playing on random servers and notthe the single ATR one we have (may be because it is just one vanilla conquest type stuff, not new game modes), may just die until another dlc like with Hardline, I know I'm getting bored with bf1.
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    It was my Radeon settings that was screwing it up. I removed the game form the global settings and it worked!!
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    Could try 'Alt-Enter', it's supposed to switch from Fullscreen to Windowed, not sure about BF4.
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    Just to clarify, CasualRawr did not ask in chat for Desperado to get out so you two could be in the heli together, you can check the chat logs if you want. Also, Desperado, we do not jet ram on our servers, I don't care what someone has done to you. Both parties need to learn to play nice or not at all.
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    AE2, Thermal Expansion, Draconic Evolution, Extreme Reactors and a lot of other stuff from Infinity are in there. Some new stuff as well.
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    True, i'm Mastric in ATR but MastricX on origin :\
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    BF1 has taken most of the BF4 customers. So I think we are the only Rush server in BF4 that populates.( not hard core ) Sent from my iPhone using ATR Gamers
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    I don't think I've ever been in a TeamSpeak channel with that many ppl on at once..lol. But I must say it was a blast and it is great to get to know some of you.. Had a great time. I would also like to say how the Tuesday and Thursday schedule works great for me because my wife works on those nights...
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    Looks like there will be some updates this month! May be worth looking into getting a server or 2. https://forums.battlefield.com/en-us/discussion/85902/when-what-to-expect-in-next-patch-patches#latest
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    I need my Mercy. </3
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    March 31st to the 3rd is clear, LAN away! Sent from my SM-N930V using ATR Gamers mobile app
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    I would like to think I have made some improvement.....
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    We ALL know you don't there Caliber
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    if it's on an official server, there is not much we can do about it. EA/DICE has decided that admins should have no power to kick/ban people from official servers because that makes so much sense. Best we can do is report him to DICE/EA and hope they decided to ban him eventually. We have ranked servers you could check out that we do have full admin control over where people like him get perma banned in seconds.
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    My time has come. i am leaving ATR on my mage for the rest of Legion and will be maining my druid in another guild for BfA. For the most part I have zero issue with the people in ATR, there are just a couple of people that I can't raid with anymore, I just can't. So I have already pulled the mage out and I will be raiding with Stacked. Now before wild accusations start flying, they are not trying to recruit out of ATR, I went to them. Like I said, I still like most of you in ATR, and i'll still be around. The atmosphere of this group is great, outside of raid and I would really enjoy to still play games outside of WoW with most of you. The plan is to only really remove the Mage and Druid and leave the rest in ATR.
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    i wasnt on im back to the 7pm to 3 am sched at work.
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