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  3. Tickets for our August 15th - 18th 2019 event are now available.
  4. ATRLAN 2019

    ATRLAN 2019 Ticket, good for ATR Gamers' 4 day LAN event scheduled for August 15th - 18th 2019.

    Please select a seat on the floor plan to the left.

      Premium Seat - $60
      Basic Seat - $40
      Already Taken

    From $40.00

  5. The Rock Against MS Foundation joins forces with LANFest- bringing a unique gaming experience to the: THE 7th ANNUAL ROCK AGAINST MS BENEFIT CONCERT & AWARD SHOW AT THE HISTORIC LOS ANGELES THEATRE SATURDAY, MARCH 30, 2019 LIVE: Saturday March 30th 3pm to 7pm PST on TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/lanfest HOLLYWOOD (March 7, 2019) – This year’s Rock Against MS Benefit Concert & Award Show has a newly added unique experience bringing in the wild world of hi-tech celebrity gamers. The new joint venture with gaming event producers, LANFest, is bringing in an experience that is unique for gamers and people who love to watch, while raising money for charity. RAMS and LANFest are pairing up celebrity streamers and celebrity rockstars to create fun filled gaming experience to raise money to build the first ROCK HOUSE MS resource center. “LANFest is excited to connect the gaming community and music community to raise money for MS” explains Katie Briggs, President of LANFest. “We have a strong passion around creating unique gaming experiences that give back to local and national charities.” We are engaging four (4) to eight (8) Rockstar celebrities to play against celebrity streamers. There will be four (4) pods of ten computers, which the gamers have the opportunity to bid on seats to play against these celebrities in person ….. Or you can tune in to the LANFest TWITCH channel (https://www.twitch.tv/lanfest) and watch all the action and concert LIVE! Viewers can also donate, for the charity, to their favorite Rockstar or celebrity streamer making them work all the more harder at winning, while they discuss pizza and talk smack! The concert headline is Rock Hall of Fame and GRAMMY award winning legendary drummer of the Ramones: Marky Ramone and his band Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg featuring punk icon Greg Hetson (Circle Jerks/Bad Religion) with original members from Guns N’ Roses and more rockstars also hitting the stage!! Hosted by comedians Hal Sparks and Debra Wilson (MADtv). So tune in on Saturday March 30th, from 3:00 to 7:00 pm PST on TWITCH (https://www.twitch.tv/lanfest). The celebrity names and auction for the seats will be announced in one week!! Stay Tuned!!! VENUE: The Los Angeles Theatre 615 S. Broadway @ 6th Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90014 PRE-SALE TIX: General - $35 VIP w/M&G Package - $125 *** Please email to reserve Wheelchair seating at info@rockagainstMS.org SHOWTIMES: Doors for All 6:00/ Celebrity Orange Carpet 6:00/ VIP Theatre Access M&G 6:00 / Public Theatre entry 7:00/ Show 8:00 BUY ONLINE NOW: Purchase – http://rockagainstms2019.eventbrite.com SPONSORS: LANFest, Metal Blade Records, Schecter Guitars, Guitar Center, Evans, Promark, D’addario, SIR Studios, NAIMIES, Stella Rosa Wine, Wedgie Picks, Tour Bus Live, The Los Angeles Theatre, Just Right Productions For more show information go to: https://www.facebook.com/RockAgainstMSFoundation/ http://www.rockagainstms.org/ https://lanfest.intel.com/ http://www.markyramone.com/ https://greghetson.com/ http://www.richardpryor.com/ https://www.halsparks.com/
  6. Gromn


  7. ATR Gamers is happy to announce that ATRLAN has joined Intel LANFest as a member chapter. This move grants us the ability to share and access resources with LAN Party events nationwide. Additionally ATRLAN 2019 will be held August 15th to 18th at the Hilton Garden Inn in Troy, NY. More information to come Soon™.
  8. W1ck3d3nd

    W1ck3d3nd 2019

    Case - Corsair Obsidian 500D RGB SE CPU - i7 8700K CPU Cooler - Corsair H100i v2 MOBO - MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon AC GPU - MSI GTX1070 Gaming X RAM - Corsair Vengence LED 16GB 3000Mhz SSD - Samsung 960 Pro 512GB PSU - Corsair RM750X Keyboard - Corsair K95 Platinum Mouse - Corsair Dark Core RGB
  9. Greetings everyone! With the Battle of Dazar'alor raid releasing tomorrow, I thought I'd make a post so you guys know what to expect. As always with a new raid tier, we are likely to have returning players or some people who might want to switch to another character. There is no absolutely no problem with that, but keep in mind the following : Priority will be given to people who want to maintain the role they had in the last tier. The character you pick should be geared enough that it won't hinder progression for the rest of the group. With normal dropping 385 gear, returning players or new characters should aim to be at least 365 in order to be allowed in the group for progression. This should be easily achievable with the catchup mechanics in place. Keep in mind the Darkshore warfront gear will go up when the raid unlocks, as well as M+ ilvl rewards, which makes it even easier. As usual, we will be starting with normal difficulty, and move onto heroic once we've cleared it. We'll keep clearing normal until we're far enough into heroic that there is no gear someone needs in normal that they couldn't get from our heroic kills. If you would like to watch the fights on video beforehand, Wowhead has a great guide with video for every bosses based on PTR footage. Keep in mind it is not required for you to watch those, as I will have strategies prepared for every boss, but you are encouraged to get familiar with the fights if you want to. If you have any questions, leave them below and I'll answer them as soon as possible. See you in raid! Raid leader Mort
  10. 01-22-19 normal & heroic Season 2 PVP & Mythic Dungeon Season 2 1-29-19 mythic, LFR Wing 1 2-12-19 LFR Wing 2 2-26-19 LFR Wing 3
  11. Grats on the MOTHER kill team! Here's a picture of us.
  12. I have a work thing I have to attend in the evening
  13. Hello again friends it's your friendly neighborhood electric rat at it again! For those who are new or have never done this before, I run an annual secret Santa within the guild. Be you from World of Warcraft, Battlefield, Or beyond there is something for you! Past years we have seen everything from Gift-cards to Headphones. Post below if you are interested in participating and i will hand out names on Tuesday December 4th. If you need addresses or anything for your giftee let me know! Happy Holidays ATR!

    Support server-05, one of of our dedicated game servers. i7-4790K 32 GB Ram 2x 240GB SSD 250 Mbps Connection This server currently runs; Ark: Survival Evolved Ragnarok Minecraft FTB Revelation mc1.atrcraft.com Horizons III mc2.atrcraft.com Creative Vanilla 1.12 mc3.atrcraft.com

    Support server-05, one of of our dedicated game servers. i7-4790K 32 GB Ram 2x 240GB SSD 250 Mbps Connection This server currently runs; Ark: Survival Evolved Ragnarok Minecraft FTB Revelation mc1.atrcraft.com Horizons III mc2.atrcraft.com Creative Vanilla 1.12 mc3.atrcraft.com

    Support server-05, one of of our dedicated game servers. i7-4790K 32 GB Ram 2x 240GB SSD 250 Mbps Connection This server currently runs; Ark: Survival Evolved Ragnarok Minecraft FTB Revelation mc1.atrcraft.com Horizons III mc2.atrcraft.com Creative Vanilla 1.12 mc3.atrcraft.com
  17. I have to work tonight and won;t be back until 10:00
  18. Hey folks. I will be going on vacation soon and after vacation I have a work conference. Essentially, I won't be on again until at least 10/23.
  19. I won't be able to raid tonight or likely tomorrow either.
  20. I have a good option for this raid. Damage Mafia is a guild I run an alt in and they raid on Friday from 9:00 to midnight EST and Sunday from 9:00 till 11:00 EST. A great group of people that have a lot of fun and from time to time may or may not drink too much. They are 7/8 on normal and have alts from some of the top guilds on the server. This could be a great ATR Alt guild option and fit the times you are looking for. They already have a raid leader who is good and it is very drama free. They always want more raiders and are open to anyone who is cool or in my case just a darn nice guy. If you want in look for Waterbull or talk to me.
  21. I will not be in attendance tonight
  22. Ok I respect that. Thanks for the answer and for taking this to discussion. May be I can join you during summer time switch.
  23. While my personal stance is the same as Mastric's, after discussing it with the other officers, the majority was not in favor of allowing a separate raid team under ATR banner. As such, like Bash said, if you would like to lead your own raid team, we ask that you do so in a guild of your own. This has no effect on whether or not you're allowed in the guild, so should you decide it's no longer something you want, or if it ends up not working out, you're still very much welcome among us. Apologies for the confusion that might have been caused, it should've been discussed among officers first rather than every one giving you their personal opinion on it.
  24. after speaking with the other leadership about this, we've decided that if you intend to pursue this, we are going to ask you to do it in your own guild. We've tried having multiple raid teams in the past and it has always caused more drama and problems then it was worth. It's nothing personal, just would be a better choice if you had your own guild for this.
  25. Well without bash approval I won't take any actions until something is defined. Our group is going to try Uldir tonight at 9 pm server time. If you want to join with your alts I will be very happy you tag along, my character for BFA is 'Torina'. Maybe we can even talk a bit more on how we can make a Weekend raid, what are the issues and if we can solve them. I talk to Ansky yesterday and he mentioned some very valid points: - Alts and mains on the same raid. - Possible friction between raid groups based on progress. - Do we have enough people. I also have some concerns: - Me as organizer / kind of leader of the raid (I don't see myself as good on this but It was either trying this or pugging which is hell and me and my friends prefer not to raid rather than pugging). If Bash or someone else wants to be the one in charge that would be amazing but when I had this idea I didn't want to bother you. - If you decide to make a raid on weekends but they start early (before 9 pm) me and most of my friends will still not be able to raid together. I think we can figure this out talking a bit when you have time. I know there are issues to be addressed but there is a clear positive side of having an alternative on the weekends for people that cannot join early/weekdays, people wanting to raid with alts and people that could not get a spot that week on the main raid. I tried to rush things since I wanted to make it for this Friday but clearly this needs to be talked more. Maybe we can have a definitive answer until next Friday? If we can talk during this week.
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