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[General Discussion] Do you remember what Guilds were for?


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Q u o t e:

I am an old school mmorpg'er. I've played since Ultima Online, and was a hardcore EverCrack Head.

"Way back in the day..."

Guilds used to mean something. You would rely on your guild for everything from dungeons and grouping, and being part of a guild was a prestigious thing.

It was hard to make a guild, and then when you left one it was hard to join another one. People used to have to apply for guilds, and they would take weeks to join because you needed to fit right.

Nowadays joining a guild is little more than joining a group. You can switch guilds faster than some LFD queues and this is part of the disposable nature of WoW players.

I think there should at least be a cool down period between leaving and joining a guild.

At least a week.

Make people realize that guilds are important. They should be built upon and made into something and being in a guild should be prestigious.

For those of you crying about GearScore and Pugging, Then this is the point of a Guild! A group of players you rely on for everything!

I hope with the new changes to guilds in cata, that people go back to forming communities on their servers, and guilds start meaning something again.

What are your thoughts on the guild advancement/achievement systems that are being worked on?

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