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[General Discussion] The best PuG you've ever been in.


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I'll start by saying, we never finished the run so that you understand, it wasn't about a smooth and easy run with lots of great loot.

I was in Halls of Lightning with a PUG and we had some people that weren't quite geared all the way up as well as others with some RL things they were taking care of at the same time or were still learning their characters. We didn't make it all the way to Loken and we did a LOT of dying despite my pulling out all the healing stops to prevent the deaths (some were just way too unavoidable). And yet, despite all that, every single person in the group was cracking jokes, chatting, talking about what they needed to improve on for their gear or their hopes of other things they wanted to do in game. When we finally "gave up" it was only because we had all decided that hunger was winning and food sounded great.

It was so much fun to meet people like that, that I'd do it again in a heartbeat, repair bill or no.

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