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[General Discussion] Raiding with the standard UI


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I'm curious, if anyone raiding on a daily basis using only the default user interface ? I'm not saying without add-ons, just with the default UI ? How does it work for you ? I tried several UI add-ons but there is always something missing or annoying features i dont need, i just havent found one i feel confortable using.

I've done it before with only a couple of add-ons strictly for side information. Like you said in your post, it's about finding something that is comfortable for you. I've used a variety of add-ons in my time playing, but in the end, I like having the least amount of add-ons I possibly can and it also helps me keep track of the current functionalities we have with the UI so that I can better speak to the developers on feedback for it. Our UI team works very hard to find ways to improve the functionality and at the same time keep it as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. They also do a great job in keeping the accessibility there for mod authors to create add-ons that make sense to those that want to use them. It's a win win situation.

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