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[General Discussion] Rated BG: ?????


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Q u o t e:

Let me get this straight. This is not some new bg method where my own participation and how well i do as far as objectives ,what i do, capture, defend, hk, etc. while not doing the AFintheKave...has no bearing upon me being rated...........but instead i got to form or join a quasi raid group to enter a rated bg.

Just want to make sure because if its the join a quasi raid group method to rated bg. I think the devs made a serious miscalculation.

We wanted rated bg, to be rewarded on our own merits, to differentiate us from the afk'ers. Tracking what we defend, capture, our kills, and doing bg objectives or helping them be completed...thereby nullifying the statements of "Why do you need bg gear, when you just are the AFK" ang get honor.

Please rethink the lets make a premade mentality and do rated bg's. there is nothing good that can be said about it...but there will be i can guarantee a plethora of QQ in varios topics about this.

I'm not really sure how you have interpreted things, but a short rundown would be to form a group with your guildies or random people to form the entire group and then join the rated BG queue. You don't need the group to be consistent as the rating is personal based on your wins.

That said, yes, it is technically possible for someone to afk in rated BGs, much the same they are able to in arenas. The leader can kick them out at anytime. So if it's happening the raid leader is allowing it to happen and it's probably best to find another group.

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