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[General Discussion] Path of the Titans removed? Acheology?


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Q u o t e:

I was reading the IGN preview and saw that Blizzard has chosen to remove path of the titans? Will this be a major set back and delay Cata?

I have a question though.. why does Blizzard keep trying to remove the cookie cutter builds from the game?

I think these are your questions...? There was a lot of rambling so I tried to pick them out.

Anyway, removing Path of the Titans won't be a major set back that delays Cataclysm. You can't delay something that has no release date. We realized that the system was getting overly complex when designing it so while we were simplifying it, it worked out better to improve the glyph system.

As far as the cookie-cutter builds, we always aim to provide as much variety as possible. A lot of players prefer to play certain ways but feel they can't because the other spec is dominant. While it is likely one type will always come out ahead, if it's ahead by only a small margin, a lot of players won't feel so bad about taking it and sometimes their skill will allow them to come out ahead anyway.

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