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[General Discussion] more money, less content


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Q u o t e:

What is happening to WoW? Every time I turn around, there is a new "feature" for sale to the playerbase. Why is it there time to develop new paid feature rather than content? Burning crusade didn't milk us for anywhere near this amount of money, but look at how much we got!

Just compare the end game of bc to that of wotlk:



Magtheridon's lair

Gruul's lair

Serpentshrine cavern

Tempest keep


Black temple

Zul' aman


Kazzak & doomwalker



Naxx (rehashed old content)


Obsidian sanctum

Vault of archavon


Trial of the crusade

Onyxia (rehashed old content)

Icecrown citadel

There was more raid content in bc than wotlk, and none of it was reused content that was already in the game. Furthermore, the insane stat jumps between ilevels makes over half of the "current" content obsolete. People were still running ALL of the content of BC to the very end of the expansion.

Where is the $30 a month that I've paid for 4 years going? Why is there a need to include cash shop items in a pay to play game? I've paid for more than enough, but I'm receiving less and less for my money. Think I'm really going to spend $80 more for a new expansion after this? You're kidding yourselves.

Red text: kazzak was rehased content too. I know

I know it's easy to take for granted from the outside, but a substantial amount of time and effort goes into making sure each raid zone supports both 10 and 25 player raids, and has both normal and heroic difficulties. Burning Crusade raids didn't support that.

So for example, if you were to look at Burning Crusade content from the standpoint of a 10-person raiding guild, you'd only see Kara and Zul'Aman (with ZA having only a semblance of a heroic mode).

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