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[General Discussion] I refuse to Tank or run X, and here is why..


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Q u o t e:

Here is a fun one kids. What instance pops and you absolutely refuse to tank it, or run it in general. For me it's HHoR. I am sick of that place after having to run normal close to 40 times to get my tanking shield (Another topic), and now whenever I see HOR in any form reg or otherwise, I just refuse to do it. Ill take my 30 min debuff every time.

Ok your turn. What load screen pops and insta turns your stomach and makes you say "there is no way in hell I am doing this place"?

I give every dungeon at least one wipe before leaving. This applies to my tank and other toons as well. If we do wipe, I evaluate how we did. Taking Halls of Reflection as the popular example, if we wipe before defeating the first boss, I'm out. If we wipe on the hardest/final waves, I'll give it another try and reevaluate the situation (kick as needed, etc.).

As much as I might not need items from the dungeons, I try to keep in mind that I'm here to play the game with other people as well and the dungeon could provide some big boosts to them. At the same time I'm not here to completely waste my time for people who are super behind in gear and hopefully they understand that.

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