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90 Days until ATRLAN 2022

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In just 90 days we will be kicking back at ATRLAN 2022, warming up Rock Band 3 for a late night of rusty guitar playing and arm pains, to the sounds of friends and frags in the background. Tickets are on sale for ATRLAN 2022, you can select your seat and lock in your purchase here. We still have 'Hero Upgrades' available if you are traveling a distance, allowing you to rent a PC, keyboard, mouse, and monitor provided by MSI for an extra $90. If you have a tower but could use a monitor, you can also rent a monitor from ViewSonic for $30. Details are available here.


If you have not already you can book your overnight rooms now at Hilton Garden Inn, Troy or with the group code ATRG. Thursday night is all booked up, but we still have our rate for Friday & Saturday nights.


If you have missed a few events or haven't been to an ATRLAN before you can browse our Gallery full of photos, https://www.atrgamers.com/gallery/.

If you have any questions about the LAN event, are looking for a ride, or room share stop by our discord server, https://discord.gg/atrlan.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ATRLAN

Website: http://www.atrlan.net/

Discord - ATRLAN https://discord.gg/atrlan

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