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[General Discussion] how will we spawn into cata?


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I'm just wondering, because much of the world will be changing, how are people going to log in if their character happens to be standing in a spot that used to be flat, but is suddenly a fissure in the ground? Or what if you're now in a mountain? Do they have a plan for all of this? I'm gonna log out in some major city just to make sure, but does anyone know what will happen? Also, considering some low level areas like the barrens are becoming higher lved ones, what happens if there's some lv 14 questing there, and they suddenly find themselves surrounded by lv 35 enemies?

I'm pushing for dragons to eat everybody as they log in so all characters are forced to spirit rez at least once. Maybe they will eat your ghost form a couple of times too.

Translation: We will know more when we are closer to launch. The hearth thing is a possibility last I heard.

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