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Greetings everyone,


With a little less than a week to go before Uldir unlocks, it's time to make sure everyone will be ready for raiding. As of now, we have 27 full-time raiders and 5 part-time raiders planned. In case you'd like to raid but aren't on the raid roster yet, just let us know in this thread and we'll add you to the list : 


With that said, the only requirement we have for raid is the following :


  • A minimum ilvl of 330 is required. This is easily reachable in a single week if you run the mythic dungeons and do your WQ. If you need help to gear up to that point, ask in guild for mythic runs happening.


Given that we have over 30 people wanting to raid, entry priority will be given in the following order:


  1. People who are on the planned roster as full-time raiders.
  2. People who are on the planned roster as part-time raiders.
  3. People who would like to join but aren't on the planned roster.


If you have any questions, post them below.

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You have time, 330 is achievable through a set of heroic dungeon gear and a few pieces from mythic. Mort has been organizing mythic runs for people, if you need help let him know and we will get you in, hopefully with a few people of your same armor type so you can all share gear.

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