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Mortelinnor    35

Greetings everyone,


Since prepatch has been out for a little while, most people likely had time to play around with the classes and start to figure out what they'll want to play come BFA. As such, we'll start planning out the raid roster.


If you'd like to raid with us in BFA, please respond as to which role, and class if possible, you'd like to play for the first tier. Priority for roles will be given in the following order : 


Keep the same role > You stayed until the end of last tier but want to reroll > returning or new player.


Please take a moment to read the basic raid rules for BFA, which can be found here : 


Below you will find the planned raid roster, which will be updated as people confirm which role they want to play. As a start, I used the roster during our last few weeks of Antorus. A "?" means this member hasn't confirmed what he'll be playing yet. Italicized are players that have mentioned interest in playing that role. Please confirm your role and class regardless of wether you're in the initial list or not.



Mortelinnos - Demon hunter

Lurhan - Demon hunter



Ansky - Paladin

Lihuai - Monk

Offthechain - Shaman

Fotosynthsis - Druid

Tacks - Disc Priest



Tychondris - Hunter

Neøblack - Paladin

Gromn - Hunter

Queing - Warlock

CrispKiller - Death Knight - Backup Tank

Pukurin - Warlock

Unholyfaith - SPriest

Varibash - Warrior - Backup Tank

Wilistari - Mage?

Old man (Goose) - One of the 12 classes

Mastric - Warlock - If baby Mastric doesn't destroy him

Pìkachu - Mage

FTFK- Spriest

Thechariot - Warrior

Pwnzirocks - Hunter

Dambala - Mage

Fdragon - Paladin

Derision (justicemaker) - Warlock

Zauberei - Warlock

Dougstanhope - Warlock

Tko - Warrior



Chartul - Death knight - Part-time when available

Rand - Mage - Part-Time when available 

Boredlock - Warlock - Part-time when available

Psychosi - Rogue - Part-Time when available

Wardpelican - Warrior - Part-time when available

Smarticus - Warrior - Part-time when available.



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Adding Tko

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Dambala    0

I was planning on mage, resto druid would be 2nd option, maybe hunter.  Is there anything we need?  I'll have a better idea closer to the xpac.

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I'll be rolling a better demon hunter tank then mort. Just kidding. I'm planning to heal but i haven't decided between my druid or my monk. It may depend on what i am enjoying more but odds are it will be my druid.

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Varekai    0
On 7/24/2018 at 11:16 PM, Wilistari said:

the old man #2 is gonna come back someone has to keep old man #1 goose inline

Not even sure "old man" is appropriate anymore.

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Mastric    311
On 7/26/2018 at 8:15 AM, Varekai said:

Not even sure "old man" is appropriate anymore.

Been in the guild this long and just made your second post :P


I should be available but we'll see how things go :)

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