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Greetings everyone,


With prepatch having hit earlier this week, it is time to start planning ahead for BFA. In this topic you'll find the few rules and guidelines we'll be maintaining for the raid group in this next expansion. Please take some time to read them if you plan on raiding with us.


1. General raid stance


There isn't much change from Legion here, we're a casual guild and our main focus is to clear heroic while having a good time together. This means that we don't have a strict attendance requirement, and everyone in the guild is welcome to join the team should they want to raid. Raid times are from 7:30-11:00 PM EST on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


2. Raid officers


The raid officers going in BFA are :

Raid leader : Mortelinnos.

Lieutenants : Wilistari, Gromn, Ansky.


During raid, decisions are taken among officers. You are expected to follow directions given by them. Any raid member is welcome to give officers their input should they want to. Likewise, if you have any concern about raid, these are the people you should go to.


It should be noted that the guild rank of Director is separate from raid leadership and does not grant authority in raid. 


3. Raid members


As mentioned in point 1, every guild member is welcome to join the raid team if they want to, and are expected to come in when they can attend. However, occasional members cannot fill a critical role (Tank or Healer), as good attendance for those are needed to keep the group reliably going. 


We also require raiders to be part of the guild. Exceptions can be made for trial members, who may join us for up to two (2) weeks before they decide if they want to join us permanently.


4. Alts, rerolls and role pick


Our goal is to let people play what they want to, as the prime goal is always to have fun. As such, re-rolls are allowed at the start of each raid tier, or upon returning to raid if you haven't yet raided this tier. Main changing in the middle of a tier will be treated on a case by case basis, if needed for raid composition (ex: a DPS player switching to tank/healer to fill a spot left vacant).


Alts are not allowed in main runs, bar extreme circumstances (ex: Both tanks are dead and alts are needed for raid to happen).


As for priority for role pick, we will give priority for roles in the following order :


People who stuck with us until the end of last tier will have priority on which role they want to play, with higher priority given to those that want to maintain the role they had the past tier, and then give returning players the pick.

So in short: Keep the same role > You stayed until the end but want to reroll > returning or new player.




That should cover all the basics. If you have any questions or feel like some precisions are needed, leave them here and we'll try to answer as soon as possible.

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