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Trialing with Stacked

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jesseh    4

So, I was offered a trial with Stacked,will be back if it doesn't work out or BFA. Foods in the fridge (or guild bank).


 joking aside, this has been a difficult choice to make. we all know how great ATR is how we're close and like a family i'll still be around if things work out. i'll still have alts and what not in the guild, still be running m+'s with people and be on TS then. and a decent chunk of you have my realID or are on FB so.  I love like 5 of you, and like a good chunk of the rest. Good luck with stuff. 

oh if you want my RealID its Jesseh#11935

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Gromn    12

Good luck with your mythics, with the time you devote to the game and all of your characters im sure you will do well. And with your luck with mounts you'll have the damn mount the first time you kill argus..... also update your forum signature what year is this?

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Mortelinnor    35

Best of luck with your trial. Given that you're a competent and dedicated player, I'm afraid we will not see you back.


It's always sad to see people go, and you've been a long standing member of this community. I do hope you will keep playing other games, as I toroughly enjoyed giving you a beating in Civ 6 B).


Should you ever feel the itch to come back, you are more than welcome to. We'll still be here.



- Totally not a lizard people -

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