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MMO-Champion Feed - Armory Stats - First Aid, Court of Stars +22 Solo, New Overwatch Hero, BfA CE Listing

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hearthstoneIcon.png Most Popular HearthPwn Decks for February 2018

Armory Stats - First Aid Profession
Battle for Azeroth appeared to be removing First Aid as a profession, with the First Aid achievements being moved to legacy achievements. The same build also moved bandages to Tailoring, but that has changed.

Currently bandages like Embersilk Bandage are again categorized as First Aid (Bandages), but First Aid trainers no longer teach the profession in game.

Today we are looking at the First Aid level of 2.3 million players (US and EU) active in the last two months. The highest First Aid level of all of the characters on each player's account was selected.

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Court of Stars +22 Solo
Mione is back again, with a Court of Stars +22 solo (Bursting, Quaking, Fortified).

  • Total run time: 3 hours and 20 minutes
  • Item level 975 and Artifact Level 77
  • Mione also has done +11s in time (DHT, HoV, BRH, Cathedral, Wardens, Upper Kz, Arcway iirc) and even a +12
  • Xavius, Odyn (13% recently) Sisters, or Goroth might be killable but no real big milestone in sight.
  • Fallen Avatar/KJ/Aggramar/Argus solo kills are still fairly out of reach.
  • See the video description for more updates!

This Week in WoW History
We're taking a look back at old MMO-Champion posts and World of Warcraft news that occurred during this time in previous years.

Patch 4.1 Mounts
The PTR servers saw the addition on a handful of new mounts and pets which would be released with the first major content patch of Cataclysm. Two color variations of the Fire Hawk mount, initially called the Crimson and Baryl Fire Hawks, were found on the PTR. Later these were renamed to the Pureblood Fire Hawk and the Felfire Hawk, both of which are still obtainable. With the rework of the two new dungeons, the Razzashi Raptor, and Zulian Panther were also added as drops from each instance. The Molten Front Offensive featured the addition of a mount as well, the Flameward Hippogryph.


Legendary Staff
Early datamining of the 4.1 PTR Patch revealed a potential new Legendary Weapon used by casters. The first legendary questline since the Shadowmourne in Icecrown Citadel had been found. This quest and item had a lot of similarities with the ICC one in that the quest line would start with crafting a basic version of a weapon and then upgrading it through unique objectives and collection quests in the raid.


WoW Token Introduced
On March 2, 2015 Blizzard introduced the WoW Token! This item allows players to simply and securely exchange gold and game time between each other. This essentially allowed players to purchase gold (from other players) or play the game for free if they had lots of gold. Last year Blizzard allowed the token to be exchanged for Battle.Net balance.


Darkmoon Faire Race
Patch 6.1 added a new feature to the Darkmoon Faire. The Faire Race, if completed in time, rewards participants with vanity items, toys, and a pet. The race course includes many obstacles and hidden boosts such as speed boosts and springs. Completing the race within 11 bell tolls awards the Darkmoon Racer Roadhog achievement.


Cindermane Charger
2015 saw the addition of a mount molded by Ragnaros. The Cindermane Charger is available for players who participate the Recruit-A-Friend program. This program offers unique benefits for both players, such as an experience boost, game time, mounts, and pets. To participate, just open the social tab, and click the Recruit A Friend button. You will be asked to fill out some information, and after the player you recruited joins the game, the rewards will become available.


Falcosaur Mounts
The Falcosaur Mounts were found in early Legion datamining and their sources were unknown. Shortly after the launch of the expansion, a new secret quest line along with a new faction was added to the game. After killing a Matriarch in the Swarm! World quest, an Orphan Falcosaur would spawn. This began a secret quest line unique to each type of falcosaur mount which would ultimately unlock the mount version of the Orphan along with a new faction, Talon’s Vengeance.


Journey to Un’goro
The fifth expansion of Hearthstone introduced a few new mechanics into the game. Besides all the new available cards, each class received a unique Quest card which required the player to complete an objective during a game to unlock a special benefit. This new card marked the emergence of a few new decks, among which Quest Rogue, and Quest (or Exodia) Mage, were perhaps the most popular. The second new mechanic added was Adapt. This allowed the card being adapted to gain one of three random benefits, such as Windfury or Divine Shield, among other ones. Aggro decks such as Paladin, Shaman, and Druid made good use of this mechanic, allowing for early board control and tempo.


Hunter Animations
Hunters were not forgotten with the Legion animation overhaul. Patch 7.2 added new animations to Arcane Shot, Barrage, Bestial Wrath, Black Arrow, Bursting Shot, Butchery, Cobra Shot, Concussive Shot, Kill Command, Marked Shot, Multi-Shot, and Piercing Shot. With the expected rework of Survival in the next expansion, we might also see a few new or updated spells in the near future.


overwatchMini.png New Overwatch Support Hero Brigitte Announced
Brigitte Lindholm, daughter of Torbjorn, is the newest hero announced for overwatch. She is a support and tank hybrid who uses a flail and shield to heal, give armor and attack her enemies.


Battle for Azeroth Collector's Edition Listings
Listings for the Battle for Azeroth Collector's Edition have started to appear on EU and AU sites.


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