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Fortnite Feed - V.2.4.0 Patch Notes

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Fortnite fans,

V.2.4.0 brings in bug fixes for Battle Royale and some fun new additions for Save the World. Amaze your friends with stories of past adventures around the Cozy Campfire, or try out the new Expedition types!


Introducing the Minigun! Control the battlefield with sheer firepower with this new addition to Battle Royale.


Cozy Campfire

Heal yourself and allies with the all new Cozy Campfire addition to Save the World. Stay warm and healthy as you share stories with your friends around it.


Battle Royale


  • Suppressed Pistol - Reduced drop chances of Rare variant by 20%. - Reduced drop chances of Legendary variant by 33%.
  • Improved the accuracy of grenade arcs.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue which allowed players to switch between two scoped weapons without leaving the scoped view.
    • Player's weapons will no longer disappear for a short time after the effects of the Boogie Bomb wear off.
    • Reduced the delay between throwing a grenade and switching to another weapon.


  • Added AutoRun!
    • Input defaults for PC are "=" and "NumLock"
    • Input defaults for controller is double clicking the left stick.
    • Chug Jug is a new consumable that releases with this patch.
    • It is a Legendary item and can only be found in chests or supply drops.
    • Max stack is 1
  • Bug Fixes
    • Corrected the drinking speed for the 15 second Chug Jug item.
    • Wooden power poles no longer block building.
    • Spike Traps found in Supply Drops will now stack with other Spike Traps found elsewhere.
    • The Spike Trap’s effective range will now more accurately match the distance of the spike animation. The damage area was previously too large.
    • Supply drops no longer hover above the ground after landing.
    • Fixed an issue which prevented the Shield Potion and Slurp Juice visual effects from playing when the player is already shielded.
    • Fixed an issue that made Cozy Campfires appear to be active after they have expired.
    • Fixed an issue which caused collision of eliminated players to persist for too long.
    • Fixed an issue which allowed players to hide inside of supply drops if the supply drop landed on a crouched player.
    • Fixed an issue which allowed players to pass through walls as they edited them.
    • Optimized the speed at which players can cycle building pieces under poor network conditions.
    • Fixed an issue which caused dropped items to fall off the edge of the map and spawn near a living player.
    • Kicking a basketball through a soccer net no longer counts as a goal. Soccer balls still count.
    • Fixed a few landscape areas that were barely below floor height before.
      • This sometimes caused the majority of a structure to appear underground.
    • Players can now shoot through the Soccer goal.


  • Shadowplay Highlights now records player knockdowns (DBNO).
  • Quitting a match early will no longer award stat or challenge progress. Progress will only be awarded when a player leaves after they are eliminated or have won.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which allowed items in the locker to rotate on the wrong axis while spinning them.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the client to lock up after ALT-TABing on PC.
  • While spectating, players will now be returned to scoped view when the spectated player switches between scoped weapons, instead of being pulled into third-person view.
  • Brick building effects have been fixed.
  • Players can now mute party members from the lobby screen.
  • Players banned from voice chat can no longer use it on the lobby screen.
  • Fixed a client crash that would get triggered by an audio cue.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from unmuting other players in the lobby screen.
  • Fixed an issue causing an incorrect character model to display on the lobby screen.
  • Fixed an issue causing entire walls to highlight when looking at a door.


  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed client hitching which could occur when the Chug Jug was found in game.
    • Made engine performance improvements to how we process collision overlap events.
    • Reduced network bandwidth usage when players are walking, and when they are standing still.


  • Added Auto Decline Friend Requests as a new option for PC players to the Social Widget.
    • When enabled, friend requests will be auto-declined. Enabling this option will decline all pending friend requests.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Friend and Party invite notifications will now correctly appear for Battle Royale players that have never played Save the World.
    • You no longer open the fullscreen map while spectating a player with report menu up,
      • This issue only occured if a player was using the “Combat Pro” controller config.
    • The radial emote menu will no longer persist after the warm up phase if left open.
    • Characters pose no longer resets after opening the news widget.
    • The ping value displayed in the Net Debug Stats UI is now more accurate. It will appear higher than before for all players.
    • Removed an unnecessary button prompt on the left side of the news widget.
    • Added a border highlight around item shop tiles when selecting them on consoles.
    • Fixed an issue allowing the old trap picker radial menu to open. This radial menu is no longer used for selecting traps.
    • Fixed an issue causing weapon icons to not display properly on the hotbar in some cases.
    • Fixed a few spots on the map and minimap that were rendered as black spots.
    • Fixed the floor under the hero not showing up when previewing emotes in the locker or item shop
    • Fixed emotes being offset if they were viewed in succession.


  • Lowered volume of bus music and the sound played when jumping out of the bus.
  • Lowered volume of wind sounds played during skydiving and gliding.
  • Lowered the volume of gunfire, footsteps, and impacts during warmup phase.
  • Removed the “Caw” sound layer from the Death Valley pickaxe.
  • Removed some layers from the new pickaxe sounds that could be mistaken for bullet whiz-bys
  • Bug Fixes
    • Music from dance emotes will no longer overlap.
    • Loot chest audio is no longer hushed by pickaxe impact sounds.
    • Improved spatialization of loot chest audio by increasing the audio volume if you’re aiming at them.
    • Removed the static audio from living room televisions.
    • Fixed a directional audio issue when another player switches to a shotgun.
    • Removed footstep audio from dance emotes.


  • Added more loot spawns to Haunted Hills.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the missing collision on a window asset in Tilted Towers.
    • Fixed the landscape appearing jagged at medium-range distances.
    • Fixed flickering artifacts seen on the rivers while on the Battle Bus.
    • Fixed an issue causing two items to spawn in the same location near Lonely Lodge.
    • Fixed some seams in the terrain south of Anarchy Acres.
    • Disabled the collision on the vines in Moisty Mire.
    • Fixed missing collision on junkyard crane.
    • Fixed two areas where players could hide under the terrain by the edge of the river.
    • Fixed a section of the Moisty Mire water that did not slow players down.
    • Fixed a mine cart in Shifty Shafts that could not be destroyed.
    • Added more loot spawns to Haunted Hills.
    • Fixed an issue causing the soccer stadium to sometimes not load in properly.
    • Fixed a seam in the terrain near Flush Factory that allowed players to see through the map.
    • Added collision to pillars in Haunted Hills so players can no longer hide inside them.
    • Scoring a goal in the Soccer stadium will now show proper visual effects.

Save the World

Mutant Storm Event Returns!

  • This storm season, Mutant Storms will appear in greater numbers.
  • Mutant Storm mission alerts award Storm Tickets in addition to the Evolution Materials that they usually drop.
    • Quota: 10 per day.
  • Up to 5 Mutant Storms are available at a time in Stonewood, and up to 25 Active Storms are available at a time in Plankerton, Canny Valley, and Twine Peaks.
  • Purchased upgrade Llamas award Storm Tickets.
  • All missions will continue to award Seasonal Gold, and Daily Quests will continue to award Daily Coins.
  • Most Event Quests award Storm Tickets.
    • Some Event Quests award V-Bucks.
    • The Legendary Hydra Transform Key is available in the Event Store!
    • The Event Store also offers Legendary Constructor BASE Hype.
      • The Event Storm Llama also has a chance of awarding this hero.
  • Since we're reintroducing the Legendary Hydra with this Mutant Storms event, it can now be recycled, put in the Collection Book and consumes inventory space.
  • For every 1,000 unspent Snowflake tickets a Holiday Survival Llama will automatically be granted and can be found in the Loot Tab. All remaining tickets will be lost.


  • Mini-bosses are still present on the map, but the number of mission alerts have been reduced from the Holiday event.
  • Up to 3 of these Mini-Boss mission alerts can appear in Stonewood at a time and up to 6 at a time in Plankerton, Canny and Twine.
    • Quota: 3 per day.
  • These Mini-boss alerts have replaced the old generic Mission Alerts that used to be on the map. As a result:
    • Mini-boss Alerts can now be played in higher-difficulty missions that you have not unlocked yet.
    • Mini-boss Alerts reward a wide array of items, including transform keys, schematics, survivors, and more!
  • Return of "Mini-Boss" Quests:
    • Awards Seasonal Gold currency and is repeatable.
    • Seasonal Gold currency can be used to purchase items from the Event Store.
      • This currency only lasts for a season, so spend it while you can!

Context Sensitive Menus

More options are available when interacting with items in the Hero Squad, Survivor Squads, and Armory. Schematics and people can be directly added to the Collection Book now!

Cozy Campfire

All allied players and Defenders in a 3x3 tile area around the Campfire are healed over time. Lasts until the fire has consumed its Durability. The Cozy Campfire trap schematic is available through the Event Store.

Two New Expedition Types

  • People Runs: A free to run expedition that lets you gather a small amount of People (resource).
  • Trap Runs: These expeditions will let you gather traps through expeditions.
  • Balancing changes on some existing expeditions. 
    • Improved rewards, with slightly lower power costs. 
    • We’re continuing to iterate to make this better!  Please tell us what you think!


  • Added Auto-Run!
    • Input defaults for PC are "=" and "NumLock".
    • Input defaults for controller is double clicking the left stick.
  • Adjusted several weapon Perk rolls
    • Break shotguns can no longer roll Rate of Fire perks
    • VinderTech Rocket Hammer can now roll Energy and Elemental perks
    • VinderTech and Vacuum Tube sniper rifles can now roll perks that trigger a small explosion of damage after headshot kills.
  • Standardized the damage melee weapons do to the environment.
    • Melee weapons previously varied from 20%-70% of weapon damage depending upon the weapon type and the target material.
    •  All weapons are now set to a flat 50% of weapon damage against wood and stone, and 20% versus metal.
    • Pickaxes remain unaffected.
  • Husks from encampments will no longer spawn under the terrain.


  • Increased the duration of Keep Out to 10s to match the tooltip. Reduced the damage per tick from 20% of grenade damage to 15% of grenade damage as a result.
  • Increased the damage of Cluster Bomb explosions from 20% of grenade damage to 25%
  • The rate of fire on the Plasma Pulse ability has increased and was balanced by decreasing damage, making it more reliable. The Plasma Pulse device also no longer bounces or slides after being placed.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Frag grenades and cluster bombs will no longer fall through water, which caused Soldier’s to be unable to throw a second grenade.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing TEDDY to have reduced range while firing.
    • The Anti-Material Charge hitbox  will more reliably hit enemies in front of the Outlander on startup.
    • Fixed the healing visual effects not properly being removed when a player is healed from BASE M.D.
      • Additionally, the heal effect is now periodic instead of being applied as soon as you touch the affected BASE.


  • Added Auto Decline Friend Requests as a new option for PC players to the Social Widget.
    • When enabled, friend requests will be auto-declined. Enabling this option will decline all pending friend requests.
  • Added count indicator to collection book slots.
  • Added XP Counts to the Collection Book Rewards Schedule.
  • Added total count to "root" rows on the the collection book nav.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Consumable item transform keys can now only create items that match the rarity of the key.
      • This will prevent players from accidentally using a high-rarity consumable transform key to create a low-rarity item.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing large font power levels to appear where teammates names should go.
    • Mission alert rewards will no longer show in the objectives menu in game when the player had already collected the current mission alert or reached their quota.
    • Buying Llamas during the tutorial will no longer cause the UI to have display issues.
    • Fixed a visual issue that made it look like Survivor power levels weren’t increasing after leveling them up.
    • Fixed problems working with the in-zone transfer UI for severely overflowed Storm Shield storage.
      • Please note: In a near future release, it will not be possible to claim expedition rewards while Storm Shield storage is overflowed. Respecting the storage limit is important to protecting player items.
    • Updated the frag grenade tooltip to reflect the recent changes to Keep Out and Cluster Bomb.
      • Cluster Bomb: Releases 6 cluster explosions around the impact site that will each do 25% of the original damage.
      • Keep Out!: Leaves a residual energy field, doing 15% of the initial grenade blast damage every 1 second, over 10 seconds.
    • Update the Cardio Feedback perk tooltip to properly display the base healing amount of 15 instead of 13.


  • Removed a few llamas from the store rotation: Double Llama, Fiver Llama, Six Pack Llama, Niner Llama.
    • The 3, 7 and 10 versions of this Llama still exist. This was done to focus on a smaller number of variants of this llama type.
  • Rebalanced the amount of starting ammunition for ranged weapons when picked up in the world.

Known Issues

  • Players are sometimes unable to select card choice when opening an Upgrade Llama.
  • Items in the collection book cannot be evolved after leaving a zone.
  • When inspecting an item located in inventory the display image may not appear properly.
  • Hitching happening at various times such as players joining matches, player loadout changes and day to night transitions.
  • When Reset Building Choice is set to “Off” in the settings, while in zone building choices will reset and sometimes not appear.

Experiencing issues updating, logging in or crashing in Fortnite? Reach out to player support here.

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