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Taking on the Burning Throne

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Hello everyone!


I hope everyone is ready and hyped up for the new tier! Fresh content means happy people, happy people means more fun in raid, so it looks like we're going to have a blast!*


Since this is the first time I'm leading the team in a new raid tier, I figured I'd give a bit more information about what to expect than simply inserting links to videos of each of the boss fights. Speaking of which, Fatboss has very detailed videos from the PTR on his youtube channel if you ran out of Game of Thrones season to watch. In case your time is more limited because of all the AP you're grinding (or simply because you're not much into watching boss fights for a few hours), I'll cover every boss when we get to them.


With that said, here's a little rundown of what to expect for this next tier.


Raid atmosphere

This is something that's been said and said again, but it's something that matters a lot to me as it is a big part of what makes ATR so awesome. Getting epic gear and parses for bragging rights is great and all, but above all else we raid to have fun together. This means that anyone who wants to join us is welcome to do so, and that we will not be sitting people for the sake of progression. So really nothing different than it was in Tomb of Sargeras, but it's still the one thing I wanted to mention in my tier opening speech.


The following sections will be actual information about how the beginning of the tier will be handled, so if that's what you were looking for in this thread, you may skip the paragraph you just read (Hint : it's not actually possible to do now unless you have power over the spacetime continuum).


Loots and purples

For this tier we decided to go with the same EPGP approach we had when we started Tomb of Sargeras, namely a reset of your GP paired with a 90% EP decay. The goal is to give a little bonus to those who have been consistently raiding with us through this expansion, and should amount to approximately 1 (one) piece of gear. We have also decided to reduce the minimum EP amount required to bid to 2000 for the first week, to ensure everyone who's been with us in Tomb can start bidding on the very first boss.


If you need a reminder of how much EP is awarded during raid, it comes from 3 sources :

  1. 100 EP for being there when raid starts at 7:30 (On time bonus).
  2. 50 EP awarded every 15 minutes during raid.
  3. 200 EP bonus for a first time boss kill (the same dragon on Normal and Heroic is considered 2 different bosses).


Progression and boss order

We will be starting on Normal keep clearing it until we get far enough that gear and legendary upgrade quest items (from the bosses we wont have killedon Heroic yet) from normal become pointless. The current plan for boss order is listed below. I prioritized tier bosses over non-tier when there was a pick to make.

  1. Garothi Worldbreaker
  2. Antoran High Command
  3. Eonar
  4. Felhounds of Sargeras
  5. Portal keeper Hasabel
  6. Imonar the Soulhunter
  7. Kin'garoth
  8. Coven of Shivarra
  9. Varimathras
  10. Aggramar
  11. Argus


That's all I can think of! If you have any questions or comment leave them below so we can do the whole forum thing. Have a good day!


*To those who noticed what I did there, yes, I am indeed getting down with the lingo.


Edit : Here's a link to the current planned roster. I will try to keep it up to date if there are any changes to it.

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2 hours ago, Chartul said:

What's our minimum iLvl to join? Clearly I am not hacking it on my DK and am considering joining with a different class. What would I need to get that guy to?

I strongly believe people should be able to play a class they enjoy, as in the end that's what will keep them playing, not gear. The core reason for limiting main switching is to avoid people gearing up a toon, feel like they can't get much more out of it, and decide to switch in the middle of a tier. However, the beginning of a new tier is (after a new expansion) the best time to change main.


After discussing with the other officers, this is what I decided on :


Anyone who wishes to switch main for the new tier is allowed to do so, provided they do it within the next two weeks, and under the same conditions as returning players. This means there is no set minimum ilvl requirement, however :

  • We reserve the right to ask you to step out if your gear simply doesn't allow you to survive and it hinders progression. In the specific case of main switching, you would still be allowed to come in on your main this week, but not be eligible for loot (since you decided on switching).


  • If the toon you're switching to (or returning on) is behind on gear, you need to try your best to get up to par by farming gear outside of raid. Basically if you're allowed in raid this week, but put no effort in gearing up before next week's raid, you might be required to reach a certain level of gear before you're allowed to come back in on said toon. For normal we believe 910 to 915 should be an acceptable milestone (we have yet to see tuning), which is realistic with Argus and M+. If you need help running a high enough one to get upgrades, I will try to help whenever available.


  • As of right now you may only switch to (or come back as) DPS, as we are currently full on tanks and healers.


Get in touch with me or Mastric if you would like to main switch, so we can know what you will be playing. This is also valid for any returning player interested in raiding with us in Antorus (though I'm not sure quite how you ended up in this thread).

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