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ATRLAN 2017 Team Building - Looking for Admins & Staff

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Mastric    311

ATRLAN 500px.png


Now that the ATR Summer Event is over it's time to start planning the ATRLAN Spring Gaming Tournament. ATR Gamers would like to continue the success of our event in Troy, NY and is looking for the man power to do so.


Last years event pulled in over 60 gamers and over $6000 in prizes for our 3 day event. Laughs where had, champions where dethroned, computers rebuilt, awkward team photos taken, and evil stares given.


More details on the 2017 ATRLAN Event will be released as we build a team, & start to roll out the event.


Currently I'm in need of Admins and Staff to volunteer for the event. An ATRLAN Admin would help plan the event, in either an IT or Marketing role, & be expected to assist the LAN from the admin area for all 4 days. A Staff member will be able to input on the planning of the ATRLAN event, expected to assist the LAN from the admin area in shifts.


While we build the team, forums, and communication methods please post any ideas & suggestions in this topic. Additionally if you would like to apply to be a LAN Admin or Staff member post in this topic with relative experience in IT or Event Organization.

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Mastric    311

I don't want the dates to show up on the main page until I have some art to go with them, so I'm posting it here.


March 31st - April 3rd 2017

Hilton Garden Inn, Troy NY

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The_Real_1hit    105

I have 0 IT experience and 0 marketing experience, but I have a room reserved...

ImageUploadedByATR Gamers1475601525.762819.jpg

I can help out in other areas as needed as I won't be driving this time and won't have my PC with me (other than my laptop).

I have to leave on Sunday as I have a work trip the next week.

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