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[Tanking] The Elephant in the Room: Maul


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Q u o t e:

I wouldn't mind seeing some more explicit mention of changes to bear abilities, instead of focusing almost solely on responding to warriors, and letting us fill in the blanks with our imaginations.

Almost all of the responses about rage as it applies to warriors also apply to druids. Maul is changing to be an instant attack that hits a lot harder when you have a lot of rage. There is no reason to assume that means bear threat must suddenly drop. It might if we made no other changes, but we won't do that.

The only big difference off the top of my head is that druids have a higher crit rate than warriors when tanking, so they may generate more rage when tanking. But there are ways to adjust for that, such as e.g. letting warriors get more rage when they block.

We've said before that we think bears don't quite have enough to do while tanking, especially given a talent tree that asks a lot of its players while doing dps. That's something we'd like to fix for Cataclysm.

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