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Installation of ATR Seeder


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Install, if Windows pops up and says warning/risk.  Hit the "More Info" link and choose to run anyway. It may do this twice.


Once application opens, go to the "User" tab, enter your e-mail and password that you use for Battlelog. Mark "Auto Login" and hit Login Now if it hasn't already logged you in. Once the button "Start Seeding" lights up, click it and you should be good. 


You can click on the "Browser" tab to see what it is doing in the background. Basically it logs you into the battlefield site, opens up the battlefield server that needs popped next, and clicks join server for you.


Issues let us know. We haven't done any updates to this for some time, so bound to be bugs. Will revisit updates probably about the same time that BF1 comes up and we need to make this work with that :)



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@HappyUnholyLink says Site can't be reached?  Is this the google auto-seed plugin?


EDIT: Never mind, I think I found the link in another thread.. https://seeder.atrgamers.com/seeder_files/ATRGamers.ATRSeeder.Forms.application 


Downloading to both my PC's. Account 1: 1Redneck Account 2: Tyl3r3422



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