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[Healing] How will mana be an issue in Cataclysm? (late


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Thats plain wrong. I for example use lifebloom, regrowth, rejuv, wild growth, ns and nourish. Lifebloom for tank healing, regrowth to get lthe life of the tank to full if its going down, and as starter, rejuv on party if one takes damage without impact to die, nourish if hes near to death (spamming if, hoping the tank does the very best) and wild growth if the whole party takes damage.

I dont play raids with it, i play heroic instances. Still you are just plain wrong, if you are going to say "everyone does this, everyone does that". You forget low level healing and 5 man healng, which are for example the most fun for me.

I was talking in the context of raiding, but the entire discussion of infinite mana is generally within the context of raiding. The fights are generally shorter in the 5-player content to where mana likely won't be much of a problem. It might be on some of the more challenging heroic bosses, in the same way that Loken was pretty punishing to heal when LK first shipped. If you go to your Flash Heal too often you might run out of mana, but with a Divine Plea, Mana Tide, Shadow Fiend or Innervate you should be good to go and the fight will likely be over (one way or another) before you need them again.

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