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Q u o t e:

That the misconception of "personal opinion=truth" has become all too rampant in this game.

It isn't bad enough that RL has enough of these uneducated heirophants covorting about giving me brain tumors.

I understand everyone has an opinion, but treating it as the golden standard is foolish, childish and selfish.

It still today boggles my mind that people consult trade chat to ask what the best healer is, or the best tank, best dps spec, best class, etc. when the only answers they'll get are biased opinions and nothing more. There's no right or wrong way to play.

Is it a dependence to be liked by the popular majority? When did people stop doing what THEY loved doing?

Just needed to get that out there.

Red text: cuz i felt like it.

You're absolutely right! There -- now you're empowered to speak opinion as truth. Be gentle on the world, please.

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