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Player Guidelines
Respect comes first and foremost above any other rule. ATR has always been a guild that put enjoyment of the game for it''s members above and beyond anything else. We understand people may not get along all the time and may not even like each other (personalities don''t mix well sometimes, we get it) but you WILL show respect to your fellow raiders and guild members. This is a guild full of people who enjoy just playing the game, and we want to keep it that way. 
Respect your raid leaders and officers, they are in that position for a reason. Constructive criticism is always welcome and if you think you have a strategy and/or idea that may help the raid team, please feel free to bring it to our attention. If you want to be an officer, we are always keeping an eye out. Show us you want it, and in time, you will have it.
Abusive language, being willfully hurtful or harassment will absolutely not be tolerated. Homophobic language will not be tolerated.
Playful rib jabbing between friends is fine and we get that it happens, but if it crosses a line and someone openly asks you to stop, you will immediately stop. First offence will result in removal from the raid team for the night. Further offenses will result in removal from raid team or even a guild kick depending on the level of the offense.
Remember that when you wear our guild tag, you are a representative and ambassador of ATR Gamers and our All That Remàins guild, behave appropriately and treat non-guild members with the same respect you''d want someone from another guild to treat you with. Anyone you encounter has the potential to become a member of our community depending on what kind of impression you leave with that person.
Botting is not allowed and use them at your own risk. Blizzard has had a vendetta against botters lately, so if you do and we don''t catch you, Blizzard might. 
So You Want To Be A Raider?
We are fairly layed back semi-casual raiding guild. We focus on enjoyment of the game over hardcore, end-game progression. If you are looking to be a world class competitor this is not the appropriate guild for you. 
We are very aware that good gear a good player does not always make. So us your willingness and determination to be part of our team and we will always give you a fair chance to prove yourself. Gear has always been an after thought to the majority of our raiders and simply a means to an end. Gear will come to you in time, raiding is a group effort and as long as everyone is focused, you will get your gear in time.
We use a custom EPGP lot system at this time to handle loot and gear distribution. You earn points to spend on gear based upon attendance. Good attendance will determine how quickly you gear up with our raid team.
Flasks and food will always be provided by the guild bank, but we ask you come prepared just in case.
Attendance must be maintained at 85% or higher to remain an active member of the Veteran Raider rank. We have a short raid week so we need everyone there as much as possible so we can progress. When people are always late and/or gone it hurts the raid team and hurts the progression we are trying to make.
Raid Times are:
Tuesday - 7:30pm to 11:00pm server time
Wednesday - 7:30pm to 11:00 pm server time
The raid group and officers reserve the right to maximize group composition based upon player ability and role within the raid team if we are having trouble progressing past a certain point.
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kk, i'll handle that later today, need to go to the DMV now

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